• Next Generation Leadership Academy (NGLA)

    Next Generation Leadership Academy (NGLA) provides training for aspiring school leaders in instructional, transformational and organizational leadership through a combination of coursework and practical application. The program enables participants to become effective, motivated, supportive school leaders who can diagnose the needs of their schools, guide and develop teachers, and manage schools with a focus on student achievement.



    2018-19 NGLA Participants


    2017-18 NGLA Culminating Ceremony

    The following RPS leaders participated in the 2017-18 NGLA session:


    Randall Johnson, Dr. Shannon McCall, Amber Brown, Cheryl Bostick, Juanzel Cardoza-Felder, Rebecca Ceja, Teresa Cole, Sidney Gunter, Samara Booker, Shannon Hodges, Kimberly Jones, Dawn James-Cappiello, Lauren-Ann Sledzinski, Gueringe Richardson (not pictured), Linda Tarry (not pictured)

    Also pictured: Dr. Darlene Currie, Dr. Anthony Walker, Dr. Ernestine Scott, Carmen Rush and Dr. Tom Shields (University of Richmond)

    The culminating ceremony featured addresses from Atif Qarni, Virginia Secretary of Education, and Delegate Jeff Bourne, 71st District.


    2017-18 RPS NGLA participants during the Challenge Discovery workshop!

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