Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

  • The Superintendent wants to engage parents as true partners in the educational process.  Parents play an important and integral role in promoting the social, emotional and academic success of all students.  Member's of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) will work to build a strong community-parent-school partnership. 

    PAC consists of 25 members who will meet monthly to discuss important district issues impacting our students.  Members are selected via recommendations from school board members and application submissions.

    PAC members will:

    • Actively participate in monthly meetings with the Superintendent
    • Share input on upcoming policy decisions and best practices
    • Discuss parent perspectives on topics impacting their child's school and the school district
    • Build relationships with parents from across the school district
    • Provide feedback to the superintendence and be responsible for sharing, promoting and communicating information to parents in our district.