A Certified Nurse Aide course prepares students for the responsibilities of assisting and caring for the daily needs of patients in a variety of healthcare settings; courses include supervised clinical experience. This course introduces students to the healthcare delivery system and covers basic nursing skills, including infection control, vital sign measuring, patient safety, emergency care, patient positioning and record keeping. Personal care and restorative services are also covered in CNA courses; students practice helping patients bathe, groom, dress, eat, and use assistive devices. In addition to learning basic medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, students in CNA programs learn techniques for responding to patient and family member concerns as well as how to manage patients with mental health or cognitive impairments. Certification requirements vary by state, but potential Certified Nurse Aides are generally required to complete a minimum number of training and clinical hours in addition to passing a state certified nursing assistant exam.



    Tuition/Hours: $1,314

     Days: M, T, W, TH

     Time: 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm


    (6 week Course - New Classes begin every 6 weeks)


    (Supplies & Additional Fees NOT included in cost of tuition)

    Supplies & Additional Fees

    Navy Scrubs, Adult Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, PPD(TB Shot)

    Virginia Board of Nursing Fee $94