The Personal Care Aide (PCA) assists patients with many tasks that they cannot do for themselves while they are in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, their personal homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or long term care facilities. PCA’s may assist patients with tasks such as eating, getting out of bed, taking a bath, and brushing their teeth and hair. The Patient Care Aide can also be called a hospital attendants, nurses' assistants, CNA clinical support associate, health care assistant, and nurse's aides among others depending on the nature of the facility.


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    Tuition/Hours: $490

    Days: M, T, W, TH

    Time: 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm


    (2 week Course - New Classes begin every 2 weeks)


    (Supplies & Additional Fees not included in cost of tuition)

    Supplies & Additional Fees

    Tan Scrubs, Adult Blood Pressure Cuff, Stethoscope, PPD(TB Shot)