This program is designed to train an individual to function independently in a medical emergency. This course provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to deliver Basic Life Support (BLS) care and is required to progress to more advanced levels of pre-hospital patient care. The course requires a minimum of 144 hours of classroom and skills instruction and 10 hours of Clinical/Field rotations for a total of 154 hours of training. Virginia certification requires successful completion of a standardized cognitive and psychomotor skills examination. This course is designed to train individuals to serve as a vital link in the chain of the health care team. This includes all skills necessary to provide emergency medical care as an attempt-in-charge with a basic life support ambulance services or other specialized rescue service. The EMT training program is based upon the Virginia EMS Education Standards derived by the USDOT National EMS Education Standards.  Most classes require a minimum of ten students for a class to be offered in the current semester. Exceptions are determined on an individual class basis. 3 nights a week 

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