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Mr. Greg Muzik


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I was born in Washington DC and lived there for the first 5 years of my life before my family moved to Arlington County.  My dad worked at the pentagon as a data Analyst with the Department of Defense.  I attended Arlington County Public Schools.   I started working after school and weekends when I turned 16 and was old enough to get a work permit.  I  started at  J.W. Ayers Hardware store. I worked for Ayers for about a year, then found a better job working at Ray Welch Texaco in Arlington...mostly pumping gas (no self serve back then) but also learning some auto mechanics.  I was not a great student in  my early school years.  At one point thought Auto Mechanic might be a good career option.   In my senior year in High school, I got a job working as an after school camp counselor for the Arlington County Department of Rec and parks.  This was my first experience working with children, and I loved the work and was encouraged to go off to college to see if I could make a career of it.   But not for a fortuitous mentor at Virginia Commonwealth University, I might today be known as Ranger Muzik. I wasn't one of these people who thought I always wanted to be a teacher.    When I entered VCU, I intended to major in Parks and Recreation.  An advisor at VCU persuaded me to get my education degree, which led to a student teaching job at John B. Cary Elementary, which led to a full-time teaching job.  I taught at Cary for three years and my principal at the time, Charly Gurkin, suggested I enter a graduate program at the University of Virginia in educational administration.  While I was not interested in administration, the program provided a free graduate program, so off to UVA I went. 

I returned to RPS and began teaching first grade at Blackwell Elementary.  Two years later, I was appointed assistant principal at Baker Elementary school.  I worked at Baker under Dr. Beverly Braxton and moved with her to Carver school when Baker was closed.  My first principalship was at Robert E. Lee Elementary (now an apartment building) in 1986.   While at Lee, I lived two blocks from the school and was very involved in the Lee community. I served on the West of the Boulevard Civic Association (now Museum District) and on the Board of Saint Gertrude High school.

In 1994 a group of parents at Mary Munford School were working with the community to bring more neighborhood students into the school.  I had recently moved from the Museum District into the Munford neighborhood.  In the summer of 1994, I was appointed principal of Mary Munford. I enrolled both my daughters in the school and continued the efforts of the previous principal to attract neighborhood children to the school, working closely with parents, teachers and the PTA.

In my free time, I play a little guitar and banjo.   I have always loved singing and music as both my parents were musicians of sorts.   I sang with the Washington Cathedral Choir of Men and boys form 1967 - 1969 and had the privilege of singing at President Eisenhower's funeral.  My best memory with the choir was singing for the Centennial Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi in 1969.   We performed a piece with Ravi Shankar who had composed it for the choir and sitar.  I play extreme croquet with a Richmond croquet group. I try to ride my bike when the weather is nice and ride an indoor bike when I can't get outside.  I like to spend time at my family farm near Winchester, Va. I am married to Sandy Lee-Muzik (also a UVA graduate). Sandy attended Mary Munford as a child, and her mother was the PTA president, so there is a half century connection with the school!