2019-2020 Open Enrollment and Specialty School Application Process

  • Open Enrollment and Specialty Schools' Status Decisions will open on the

    Registration Gateway Portals

    Open March 8, 2019 at 5:00 pm and Close March 22, 2019 at 5:00 pm

     Please log onto the Orange Portal  (current RPS students) or to the Blue Portal  (private or other)

    As of 5:00 pm on March 22nd, the management of the Open Enrollment and Specialty School lottery/wait-list process is being managed at the respective schools (for Governor Schools, wait list rosters will be managed by the Programs for Gifted & Talented office (804)-780-7805). Automated e-mail notifications from our Registration Gateway system were sent to notify Parents and families of this lottery/wait-list process change. Remember, the Open Enrollment wait-list application window closes, Friday, March 29th. This week, additional notifications are being sent daily to (1) provide your child’s wait-list status position number and (2) remind parents/families to accept or decline seats which have been offered to their child/student. If you have not received any of these automated communications or you have questions, please call (804)-780-1850 or e-mail RPSReg@rvaschools.net to reach someone on the RPS Registration Gateway Team.

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    Speciality School Application Timeline


    Image of apple and books Richmond Public Schools wants to see each of our students thrive! Every child needs to feel loved, supported, and challenged to become his or her best. RPS empowers our families to find the best environment for each child through the Open Enrollment and Specialty School application process. This school selection opportunity gives YOU a say in the next step of your child's education. 

    Open Enrollment is a lottery process that allows students in grades pre-K through 11th grade a chance to attend a different school. RPS will not provide transportation to a student that is selected through Open Enrollment to attend an out-of-zone school.

    Specialty School Applications are competitive and school-based. Students may apply to more than one school. Each school has different submission requirements. Students and families should pay close attention to the documents needed for each individual school application. 

    The Registration Gateway platform will be used for Open Enrollment and to apply for specialty schools.

    RPS open enrollment and specialty school applicants have access to an all-Spanish language version of the Registration Gateway portal. The translated version is available by following the links below, then clicking the "Espanol" button in the upper-right corner.



    Enter the Registration Gateway Portal

    Are you CURRENTLY an RPS Student?






    RPS is committed to ensuring that all students have access to this process by providing detailed how-to guides, technical support via email and phone.

    Families can contact staff via email or by phone (between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm) with questions regarding:

    • Open Enrollment & All Technical Questions: (804) 780-1850 or rpsreg@rvaschools.net

    • Specialty Schools: (804) 780-7805 or lpleveic@rvaschools.net


     For full details on how to navigate the Registration Gateway system (including documents needed and screenshots to assist) please view our resources:

    • Current RPS Students How-to-Guide

    Prospective Non-RPS Students How-to-Guide

    Open Enrollment & Specialty School Application FAQs

    Open Enrollment & Specialty School Application Process Summary


    • Guía de aplicación en línea de escuelas especializadas para futuros estudiantes sin RPS

    • Guía de ayuda de la aplicación en línea de la escuela especializada para estudiantes actuales de RPS

    • Preguntas frecuentes sobre la inscripción abierta y la escuela especializada

    • Proceso de solicitud de inscripción en escuelas abiertas y escuelas especializadas de 2018-2019