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    Advocacy at RPS - Empowering the RPS Community to Advocate for More!

    RPS believes that everyone can be an advocate for public education and the policies and funding that are integral to the success of our students. The Office of Engagement supports students, educators, parents, and community members to be positive and influential advocates for public education and RPS. Check out our Advocacy Toolkit for a primer on the basics of advocacy!


    Thank you RVA City Council!

    Richmond City Council approved the RPS FY20 Budget request, which marks the largest investment in RPS in at least 25 years! Download this overview of the budget (disponible en español aquí) to learn more about the approved investments in Richmond Public Schools.

    SAY THANK YOU to your Council Member for support of RPS. This investment provides $37 million to RPS for the 2019-2020 school year, including $19 million for building repairs, $6 million for a teacher/staff raise, and $12 million to support critical elements of our new strategic plan, Dreams4RPS. You can find an easy to use form letter at www.rvabudget.com or you can call or email your Council Member directly:

    1st District The Honorable Andreas D. Addison 804.646.5935 andreas.addison@richmondgov.com
    2nd District The Honorable Kimberly B. Gray 804.646.6532 kimberly.gray@richmondgov.com
    3rd District The Honorable Chris A. Hilbert 804.646.6055 chris.hilbert@richmondgov.com
    4th District The Honorable Kristen Nye Larson 804.646.5646 kristen.larson@richmondgov.com
    5th District The Honorable Parker C. Agelasto 804.646.5724 parker.agelasto@richmondgov.com
    6th District The Honorable Ellen F. Robertson 804.646.7964 ellen.robertson@richmondgov.com
    7th District The Honorable Cynthia I. Newbille 804.646.3012 cynthia.newbille@richmondgov.com
    8th District The Honorable Reva M. Trammell 804.646.6591 reva.trammell@richmondgov.com
    9th District The Honorable Michael J. Jones 804.646.2779 michael.jones@richmondgov.com