Reading Chair

  • Hello All,
    Welcome back to the Reading Chair…………….. It’s so hard to say Good-Bye, so I’m not. We started this journey together in September and now it’s June. I hope that I was able to provide you with information that has been beneficial and inspiring to you and your child. Also think of the quality time that you and your child share during these special reading times. These moments are memories that last a lifetime.
    This year we started using a new curriculum called Creative Curriculum. Your child was involved in various studies that allowed time for in-depth investigations of meaningful topics. You and your child could create your own study over the Summer Break. We want to keep the learning going. Just think of something that the two of you would like to learn more about and start investigating. It is important that children make the connection that learning goes on all around them. Plus learning is FUN………………………………
    Please continue your commitment to regularly read quality literature to your children. Remember the earlier we start to read aloud to children it is an important tool in developing their language and literacy skills. This leads to their school success and I know this is your desire for your child. So, you know where I’m heading, books, books, books are a great way to make connections between school, home and the community. We want to instill in them the desire to be lifelong learners and readers.
    Listed below are some of my favorite books that I want to share with you. Please, take the time to explore your neighborhood library this summer. They have some great enrichment programs for all ages. In addition, librarians are great resources and offer lots of assistance.
    1. Hubbard, P. My Crayons Talk.
    2. Taback, Simms. Joseph Had a Little Overcoat. ( Classic Favorite)
    3. Ward, Jennifer & Marsh, T.J. Somewhere in the Ocean.
    4. Wood, A. Alphabet Mystery.
    5. Young, E. Seven Blind Mice.

    Tips for Reading Aloud:
     Read everything aloud, cereal boxes, newspapers, magazines, recipes, signs and billboards
     Visit the Library with your children
     Ask and answer questions about the pictures in the book or magazine you are reading. Use lots of descriptive words like big, little, huge, tiny, enormous, small etc.
     Use different voices for the characters in the story. Be silly, children love to see adults acting silly. HAVE SOME FUN…………………………..


Alphabet mystery
Mom reading a bock to her child