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         Welcome back to the Reading Chair…………….. I feel like reciting the nursey rhyme. “Rain rain go away little Johnny wants to play. Well, it’s not just him but I think each of us wants to get out and play. However, the rain just won’t leave us alone! Still, on the bright side of it, you have a wonderful chance to read those great books.

    You are aware that in your child’s classroom they are involved in studies. The studies allow your child to do in-depth investigations of meaningful topics. In your child’s classroom, they are presently studying Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.   You can extend the learning by connecting home, school, and community by asking questions related to the topic for example, “What do people throw away?” or “Where does trash go?” When you read books to your children connect them to the above areas.

      Last month I shared the article entitled Just Play with Me: What Research Tells Us about Playing More Confidently with Our Children. Remember, they shared why it is so important to play and learn alongside your child.  This time I want to share some information from Lisa Murphy, Med early childhood expert. I’ve had the pleasure to attend her sessions at national educational conferences. She is known as the Ooey Gooey Lady. She believes that there are seven things that we should do with children every day. They are Read, Play, Move, Discuss Create, Observe, and Sing. You as parents do these things without even realizing that you are developing your child’s learning. It is important that children associate learning as something fun to do. Language and literacy is a great way to do the seven things every day.  So, you know where I’m heading books, books, books are a great way to do the seven things! We want to instill in them the desire to be lifelong readers.

    Listed below is a list of my favorite books that I want to share with you. Please take the time and reach out to your child’s teacher for books being used in the classroom related to the study and of course visit the library for more books.  In addition, librarians are a great resource and offer lots of assistance.

    1. Dean, James.  Pete the Cat The Great Leprechaun Chase
    2. Fleming, Denise.   Time To Sleep
    3. Inches, Alison.  I Can Save the EARTH! One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
    4. Keats, Ezra Jack.  Regards to the Man in the Moon
    5. McDonagh, Caitlin.  The ABCs of What I Can Be
    6. Wilson, Karma & Chapman, Jane.   Bear’s Loose Tooth
    7. Walsh, Melanie.  Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World


    A few tips from EXCELL Excellence in Children’s Early Language and Literacy.

    1. Why Should We Read Aloud to Children?
    • It builds on what your child already knows and helps them learn more about the world they live in.
    • It allows children to learn new words that they may not hear in every day conversation
    • It helps your child grow as a listener, speaker, reader and writer
    • It helps build a relationshionship between you and your child.


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Pete the Cat
Mom reading a bock to her child