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  • Hello All,

    Welcome back to the Reading Chair…………….. I hope that you and your child are cuddled up in your favorite place with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and of course wait for it…….. A GREAT BOOK.

    You are aware that in your child’s classroom they are involved in studies. The studies allow your child to do in-depth investigations of meaningful topics. In your child’s classroom, they are presently working on the Buildings Study. You can extend the learning at home by asking questions related to the topic for
    example, “What do the buildings in our neighborhood and in other places look like?” or “Who builds buildings?”

    Please, continue to think of the “Five Areas That Count” from Easter Seals which are Relationships, Exploring and Learning, Communication, Playing, and Moving. As I have indicated before, you already do these five things daily when you read to your child.

    Recently, I read an article from NAEYC (National Association for Education of Young Children). It was titled, Just Play with Me: What Research Tells Us About Playing More Confidently with Our Children. They shared that it is important to play and learn alongside your child. Always remember, they are watching and notice when you make new discoveries. This provides a valuable lesson in which your child sees that learning is a lifelong process. So, my thoughts are that this is the same message that you send to your child when they see you reading not only with them but also reading other books that you enjoy. They learn reading is a lifelong process. So, let’s begin building those MEMORIES that last a lifetime.

    Listed below are some of the books that will be used in your child’s classroom and if you are interested in other books that are used in this study reach out to your child’s classroom teacher. They will provide you with the additional list of books. Visit the library where your child will have exposure to many books
    that may interest him or her. In addition, librarians are a great resource and offer lots of assistance.

    1. Coebel-Andrews, Nancy. The Pot That Juan Built
    2. Hutchins, Pat. Changes, Changes
    3. Gibbons, Gail. How A House Is Built
    4. Lowell, Susan. The Three Little Javelinas
    5. Williams, Vera. A Chair for My Mother
    6. Wolf, A. The True Story of the Three little Pigs

    A few tips from EXCELL Excellence in Children’s Early Language and Literacy.

    Why Should We Read Aloud to Children?

    • It builds on what your child already knows and helps them learn more about the world
      they live in.
    • It allows children to learn new words that they may not hear in every day conversation.
    • It allows your child to use their imagination, and make predictions.
    • It helps your child grow as a listener, speaker, reader and writer
    • It helps build a relationshionship between you and your child.

    Until Next Time…………………

How A House Is Built
Mom reading a bock to her child