• Technology Standards Information

    Introduction to Standardization

    The Richmond Public Schools' Technology Plan states that "Standards are needed to ensure the consistency of purpose and the quality of outcomes." In the area of technology, standards must be set to minimize purchase, maintenance, and support costs, as well as ensure interoperability among networks and systems. In the classroom, technology standards are needed to ensure consistent and effective delivery of instruction. In establishing standards, the Richmond Public Schools (RPS) must first decide what areas require technology standards. Then, each standard must be defined such that it can become part of the purchasing process. Finally, technology standards must be enforced or they are meaningless. Yet, the process of purchasing preferred items should not be difficult. To ensure that people will use the standard, the best approach is to make standard items and configurations easier to purchase than nonstandard items.

    RPS Technology Standards - Procurement Guidelines

    Procedure for Student and Administration Computer Purchases

    The steps involved in the purchasing process are as follows:

     1. First, consult the online Technology Standards Catalog using this link. https://shop.tig.com/ You will need access granted to you in order to use this site which is simple and can be done by emailing Charles Ward in Procurement. If you have a request for a special piece of equipment, please click on the "Support" link at the top of the home page of the standards page after you log in and fill in that information and someone will contact you to assist and provide guidance to you. 

     2. Create a quote for the items you are wishing to order using the software.

     3. Please upload the completely filled out Fixed Asset Form to designate who will be in receipt of the new hardware items.   

     4. Once you complete the quote, it will be emailed to you where you can cut and paste the lines into an "Unapproved PO" for processing in the AS400. Please reference the quote # in the unapproved PO you are keying in. 

     5. Upon submission of the Unapproved PO, it will be received in Procurement to be processed next business day or after VDOE has approved if the funding source is one requiring their approval. 

     6. PO Keyers receive Footprints Email showing the initial status of purchase after approved in the AS400 by Procurement. 

     7. Once Secondary Vendor (Technology Integration Group - TIG) receives shipment, another FootPrints Email is sent showing the status of the purchase.

     8. TIG prepares computers based on RPS specifications and direction (as per contract).

     9. Once computers are ready for delivery to site, a Footprints Email is sent to site leadership in an attempt to schedule delivery.

    10. TIG delivers and installs computers. Installation includes power-up, network setup, and printer setup (up to 2 printers).

    11. Site Leadership signs all documentation provided by TIG on completion of the installation of computers.

    12. The final Footprints Email is sent with all documentation attached. Once received by the PO Keyer, a receiver can be done against the PO. 

    Procedure for all other Technology Purchases

    1. First, consult the Technology Purchasing Catalog using the link shown above. If you can't find an item or have questions, please submit and "RPS Support" ticket which will email your request to the Technology Services Coordinator for assistance.  

    2. Create an Unapproved PO based on Quote received from your support request and reference your quote number on the PO. 

    3. Unapproved PO received in Procurement is processed and sent to the Vendor.

    4. No technology purchases should be made using Small Purchase Orders.