• The 2018-2019 'VUU is RVA' Cohort has officially been announced! 50 RPS High School Freshmen and their families have now received confirmation that they will receive 100% free college tuition to attend Virginia Union University upon graduating from high school.
    (Below): Eight students at Huguenot High School hold their breath as RPS Superintendent, Jason Kamras, delivers the news that they will be receiving free college.
    VUU Celebration Image 1
    (Below): Maurice Campbell, VUU Assistant Vice President for Business, congratulates Huguenot High School students on their achievement. He also informs students that, in addition to free college tuition, they will each receive a mentor to work with them throughout high school to ensure that they successfully join VUU.
    VUU Celebration Image 2
    (Below) Mike Newsome, VUU Alumni National President, welcomes students into the VUU family "for life."
    VUU Celebration Image 3
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    “Virginia Union University has been a fixture in this community for 153 years. We are committed to expanding our footprint by reaching beyond our campus and providing greater access and resources to all of our neighbors,” said Dr. Hakim J. Lucas, President, Virginia Union University.

    “This partnership is significant because it allows us to grow. We are already providing healthcare options for adults and children in our area with limited access to medical services, while also offering opportunities for a college education to students who are academically inclined but, worried about the financial implications.”