• Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

    Mission Statement
    Maggie L. Walker Governor's School's mission is to engage intellectually curious students in an inclusive environment that offers comprehensive, inter-disciplinary education; enriched by local and global connectedness.  

    Quick facts about Maggie L. Walker Governor's School (MLWGS) include:

    • MLWGS is supported by 13 School Divisions (Colonial Heights was added to this upcoming school year)
    • RPS has 204 students enrolled at MLWGS from 9th to 12th grades. Approximately 50 slots will be available for the 2021-2022 9th grade class.
    • All 8th grade students who are enrolled in Algebra I or a higher math, and who are current residents of Richmond, may apply.

    Click here to visit the MLWGS website and learn more about their unique offerings. Click here to attend their virtual open house, November 9, 10, or 11!

    About the Application
    Division level lists place all students numerically ranked by their composite score. School Level lists are created for each zoned public middle school where the student resides. The school level list will be ranked by the student’s composite score. The top qualified student from each publicly zoned middle school will continue to be offered admission.

    Maggie L. Walker Regional Governor's School Application Preview PDF - Click the link to view/download the PDF to view the primary components of the governor's school application. Applications for Richmond city residents applying to Maggie Walker must be completed online in the Enroll RPS portal. Paper applications will not be accepted. 

    MLWGS Application Schedule - This is a PDF of the MLWGS application schedule. Schedules for RPS may vary slightly from the general school schedule. Please refer to and follow the dates listed on the governor’s school application in the Enroll RPS portal.

    MLGWS Narrated Powerpoint Presentation - Click the link to download a narrated powerpoint presentation about Maggie L. Walker Governor's School.

    MLWGS Virtual Information Page - (NEW!) Click the link to view two videos about MLWGS, a welcome letter, the MLWGS Course Catalog, and the Admissions Handbook.