History Overview

  • Fairfield Court School is located in the northeast corner of Richmond's East End. The name was derived from the housing area it serves. The building was occupied in February of 1958. The school houses grades kindergarten through five and four exceptional education classes. The current enrollment is approximately 450 students.

    In 1995, Mr. Charles Gill, a former Fairfield Court student and resident contributed monies to construct the Gill Community Center and Gymnasium. This building is adjacent to the school and is used as additional classroom space and for several community and city programs.

    Principals who have served the Fairfield Court community are:

    • 1958-1984: Mrs. Freddie P. Cooper
    • 1984-1991: Mrs. Elizabeth B. York
    • 1991-1996: Dr. Carolyn Spurlock
    • 1996-1997: Mrs. Margaret Brazil
    • 1997-1999: Mrs. Audrey Hawkes
    • 1999-2002: Ms. Denise Herron
    • 2002-2008: Dr. Irene L. Williams
    • 2008-2017: Mr. Craig Mayo
    • 2017-2019: Ms. Ellena Ebanks
    • 2019-Present: Dr. R. Demetri Sermons