History Overview

  • Named for the eminent Virginia statesman and author of the Virginia Bill of Rights. The George Mason School is unique among the public schools in that it consists of six separate building projects.

    As the first Black school in the Church Hill vicinity, classes were held in rented rooms near 26th and "N" Streets in 1869. As the public school system became more firmly established, it became the policy to provide buildings and eliminate rented facilities. Thus in 1881, a four-room frame building was erected at 29th and "O" Streets. In 1887, construction began on an additional brick structure.

    The two schools were known as the East End School until 1909 when the name was changed to George Mason. Additions were added in 1922, 1936, 1951, and 1979. During the 1950s and 1960s, George Mason was generally so crowded that all pupils below Grade 6 attended part-time. The construction of the Creighton Court Housing Project added to the enrollment and for a while classes were held in the Community Center of the Project under the supervision of the principal of George Mason School.

    More recently, George Mason was paired with Reid Elementary School. The pairing ended when the School Board voted to return to neighborhood elementary schools. In 1979, during the construction of the Henry L. Marsh, III Wing, the students and faculty of George Mason were housed in the Fairmount Elementary School. In August 1980, George Mason with its new wing, which includes the kindergarten and media center, was re-opened. Additional plans for George Mason included the construction of a playground.

    A Look Back at Our Principals

    Prior to 1888, Head Teachers served as principals:

    R.W. Flournoy - 1888 - 1909
    W. C. Blakey - 1909 - 1913
    Joseph H. Brent - 1913 - 1916
    W. Daniel Ellis - 1916 - 1918
    C.C. Crough - 1918 -1921
    Vernon Jones - 1921 - 1922
    George W. Morris - 1922 - 1942
    Joseph T. Bright - 1942 - 1968
    Willis B. McLeod - 1968 - 1970
    Wilbert Jenkins - 1970 - 1975
    William D. Bjork - 1975 -1990
    Thelma Smith - 1990 - 1995
    Barbara Corbett - 1995 - 2003
    Dr. Wayne Scott - 2003 - 2007
    Sandra Bynum 2007 - 2017

    Rose  Ferguson 2017 - Present 

    The School Board of the City of Richmond voted on May 9, 1980 to name the newest addition to George Mason the Henry L. Marsh, III Wing.