History Overview


    The site for the school, 3101 Fendall Avenue, was purchased in the early 1920's and the building was ready for occupancy in September, 1922. In 1928, J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School due to rapid growth in the Northside area, eight rooms were added to the building.

    Several renovations have taken place within the building, creating the present cafeteria and a larger media center. The most recent renovation, done during the summer of 1989 through 1990-91 school year, has greatly changed the building.

    The following persons have served as principals from 1922 to the present:

    • Jack M. Davis 1922-26
    • Leslie E. Bush 1926-45
    • Helen C. Phillips 1946-60
    • Elmer H. Gish 1960-61
    • Mary R. Jones 1961-62
    • Elmer H. Gish 1962-67
    • Mary Ellen Garber 1967-74
    • Mildred Bruce 1974-94
    • Iris F. Page 1994-2005
    • Jennifer K. Moore 2005-present

    Presently, the school serves approximately 350 students in grades K - 5 and Exceptional Education.

    It is our hope that Barack Obama Elementary School, which has served the educational needs of boys and girls in Northside Richmond for almost 100 years, will continue to do so for many years to come.