History Overview

  • The Rock Thomas C. Boushall Middle School located in the southwestern portion of Richmond, Virginia is a neighborhood school situated on 19 acres of land. The school opened in August 1986 and is named for the late Thomas C. Boushall, founder and former executive officer of the Bank of Virginia. He served as a member of the Richmond City School Board form 1946 -1953 and the State Board of Education from 1953-1958. He was a founding director of the Virginia Foundation for Independent College and also a driving force in the creation of Central Virginia Educational Television Corporation--WCVE- Channel 23.


    The location was originally described as being bound by Warwick Road (now Walmsley Boulevard) and Pompey Springs Road (now Hopkins Road). Old Warwick Road was the main route to Warwick City; a large commercial city located on the James River and destroyed during the Civil War. Warwick Road (the main road leading to the Dupont Plant) became Walmsley Boulevard, named after a Dupont official, in early 1930.

    Historically, places were named for what people saw. Pompey Spring Road was the site of two sulfur springs that were believed to cure all illnesses. People came from miles around to bathe in the sulfur that could be seen erupting from the springs. The springs are now streams that empty into Grindell Creek, which is adjacent to the school. The original Hopkins Road started at Jefferson Davis Highway and ended at what is now Belt Boulevard. As farmlands disappeared and paved roads were established, Hopkins Road was extended as far as Centralia.Boushall Middle School  

    In 1996 Hopkins Road was widened to a four-lane road running from Jefferson Davis Highway to Walmsley Boulevard. Sidewalks were installed for neighborhood children to walk to school.