RCHS Drama Club

  • RCHS Drama Club provides students with opportunities to explore the world of acting, performing, production and everything behind the scenes. This club is open to anyone interested in theatre, both on and off the stage. We are committed to helping students learn about the Theatre in a fun and interactive manner. We do fun activities such as a haunted house for Halloween, Bardathon (Shakespeare showcase) or a talent show where students can express their love for performance. Many of our members participate in the Fall play and Spring musical. We have done shows such as Once on This Island, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, Little Shop of Horrors, and—most recently—Tragedians Anonymous, a play performed virtually on a Zoom webinar!

A Note from Mrs. Kramer

  • Wow! Wow and wow! I am blown away at the dedication and commitment of RCHS Theatre students. We have all had so much added stress this year/semester, with changes at school and added pressures at home. I am very proud of how each of the actors crew members involved helped to pull together an “unprecedented performance." A special thank you to Mr. Simone for his cameo! You all made people smile and laugh when many people are struggling to stay positive. You were courageous enough to go on camera in front of your peers, friends, and families, and worked very hard to learn how to put on a play in a Zoom Webinar! Everyone did an amazing job, and if by chance someone missed the show, please contact me and I may be able to send a file/link.

    Mrs. Kramer