• Rezoning Goals and Objectives:

    1. Engage the community by:
      • Providing multiple authentic opportunities for all stakeholders to share their ideas and provide feedback
      • Creating an advisory body of community representatives to help guide the process
      • Engaging local historians and other community leaders
      • Reviewing and leveraging past rezoning efforts
    2. Develop new zones for RPS schools that improve the student experience by:
      • Ensuring safe, equitable, and more timely transportation; and leveraging natural boundaries when possible
      • Increasing student diversity of all kinds within schools
      • Alleviating overcrowding and minimizing, if not eliminating, the use of trailers
      • Planning for future student population trends and future development
      • Expediting student placement in modern facilities after rezoning through a variety of measures including new school construction, as well as potential consolidations and closures (revised)
    3. Develop a plan for the disposition of vacant and non-instructional (owned/rented) properties in an effort to:
      • Raise funds for new school construction
      • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with Richmond cultural institutions
      • Focus more time, energy, and money on our core work: teaching and learning
    4. Update the RPS Facilities Plan based on Goals 1, 2, and 3.