Richmond Math
  • Adapted from Great Minds’ Eureka program, the Richmond Math Extended Pilot recommends conceptual understanding to promote mathematical thinking and success. The Richmond Math curriculum infuses the collection of Eureka modules and Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) objectives into units of study. Mathematics instructional resources from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) are also incorporated into the Richmond Public Schools (RPS) curriculum guides. These curriculum guides are designed to provide aligned, rigorous tasks and resources that include real world examples and evidenced-based strategies. Richmond Math uses Eureka lessons and other aligned resources to teach Virginia SOL objectives.

    The lessons within the Richmond Math curriculum are designed to provide students with consistent opportunities that build from day to day; unit to unit; and year to year. Lessons build upon each other to provide coherence, enduring understanding and mastery with connections within and across units. Suggestions for ways to scaffold  and extend learning are located in each lesson for learners with various needs. These scaffolds and extensions can be provided during whole group, small group or individual instructional times. 

    Richmond Math is NOT a scripted program. What looks like a script is really a lesson vignette.  It is provided to teachers to use as a study guide in preparation for the types of interactions they may plan for and expect during their instruction.  Educators will use their professional judgment and knowledge of their students to deliver grade level content in a way that works for their individual class(es).

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