• Richmond Math, adapted from Great Minds’ Eureka Math curriculum, incorporates Eureka lessons and other aligned resources to teach Virginia SOL objectives. As a parent, you may have noticed that Richmond Math teaches math differently from the way in which you were taught.  This comprehensive math curriculum teaches students not only the process for solving problems, but to understand why that process works. Richmond Math follows a logical progression from concrete to pictorial to abstract. This helps students make visual connections that help them to explain their thinking verbally. 

    What can I do to help my child with Richmond Math?

    Parents/Guardians can help students adjust to the higher expectations of the Richmond Math curriculum by talking with their child(ren)  about what and how learning is being done in the classroom. The shifts in teaching and learning include: using facts easily, building skills across grade levels, thinking and communicating about solving problems in various ways, and use of math in the real world. 

     Suggestions for Parent Help

    Talking to the Teacher

    When talking to your child’s teacher, try to keep the conversation focused on the most important topics that relate to your child. This means asking the teacher how your child is performing based on grade-level standards and expectations.


    Family Engagement Events 

    Family  Engagement events will be held at each school this spring.  These events will provide families with an opportunity to learn more about Richmond Math and to experience curricular activities first-hand.  


    Additional Parent Support

    Parents, you can access Great Minds’ Parent Support Page that incorporates Parent Tip Sheets that include suggested strategies for supporting learning at home; Homework Helpers that provide examples similar to those found within student homework sheets; and Featured Strategies and Videos that demonstrate common models that are utilized within the Richmond Math curriculum. This page can be accessed utilizing the following link: https://greatminds.org/math/parents.



    • Additional Parent Resources