Ms. Brooks

  • English 10  (updated on 22 March 2020)
    I hope that you all are doing well, following the recommendations of the CDC in order to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe, and, most importantly, enjoying lots of independent reading!
    I've been thinking a lot about you all and how to proceed with the instruction of Julius Caesar while we are out. At first, we were only going to be out for two weeks and, so, I thought we could pick up with Act II upon our return.
    I think it's best to cancel our reading of the play now that the break has been extended. Shakespeare is not easy to tackle and without the ability to read aloud and digest this together in class, I don't think the learning experience will be the same.
    With that said, EVERYONE WHO HAS COMPLETED the work I posted to Google Classroom for Julius Caesar will earn a grade for that work. If you did not, you will not be penalized.
    Moving forward, we are changing directions. Please see the email sent to all sophomore students for information on our new reading assignment. If you have any questions, I can be contacted via email at
    Creative Writing  (updated on 22 March 2020)
    All Creative Writing students are expected to complete the Theme for Creative Writing assignment that is posted on Google Classroom.
    Additionally, all creative writing students should be reading independently every day for at least 15 minutes. They will also need to maintain a journal by writing for 10-15 minutes per day. For the journal, students should use the journal they've been working in this school year. 
    If there are any questions, please email me at Thank you!

Mrs. Crone

  • I can be reached by email at
    I will check that email every day.
    AP Seminar
    Students have been given the specific requirements for the IWA (Individual Written Argument) on paper.   The same information is posted on Google Classroom.  
    Students will need to work on their IWA during the 2 weeks.  The full IWA is due April 3rd. 
    Email me with any questions or concerns.  Please check google classroom at least once a week for updates/messages.  You can do this!!!
    AP Literature 
    Students have been given a hard copy of the analytical paper they must complete for our return.  The same information is posted on google classroom.  
    Students also need to finish reading The Things They Carried.  
    Students also have 3 separate assignments to complete on AP Classroom which are due April 3rd.  
    Email me with any questions! Please check google classroom at least once a week for updates.  

Miss Dise

  • For Algebra 1, I gave the students who were here today an SOL review book so that they can practice for the SOL in the event that we are out for longer than planned. I also gave them 2 packets to complete over the closure. I will be posting videos of myself working out the practice problems in the packet on Google Classroom. Assignments will be turned in via Google Classroom or email. Since this is a math class, students will most likely have to take pictures of their work and then submit the pictures to me. 
    For AP Chemistry, I will be giving the students who are here today a packet for the next two units. Again, I will be uploading onto Google Classroom videos of myself completing the notes so that students can follow along. Students will complete the practice and submit it via email or Google Classroom. 
    For AP Seminar, students all received the materials they needed yesterday. They are to begin working on their Individual Written Assignment. This is due April 3rd. 

Mrs. Ford

    • Google Groups

Mrs. Hayer

    • Google Classroom
    • Online modules and lessons (Everfi, iCEV, etc.)
    • Various activities for students to use/practice Microsoft test prep (GMetrix will be unavailable)
    • Google Meet for face-to-face class meeting time

Mrs. Humphries

  • Just a reminder!

    Our eBooks can be accessed from home using an internet-enabled computer or device. eBooks are great for casual reading or research since you can take and save notes, highlight text and more. There’s even an app you can download.

    You can access our eBooks by computer, or you can download the Destiny Discover app on your smart device (iPhone, iPad, android, or tablet) and follow these steps:

    1. When the app first opens, you will need to choose Virginia from the dropdown list as your state and then choose your school from the dropdown list.
    2. You may select Browse as Guest if you just want to look around.
    3. Select Login if you want to actually check out or read an eBook.  Select a title that you like, click OPEN to view and/or Read the book.  Click on CHECKOUT to access/download the book to your smart device. (YOU MUST log in to access each title.)

    Login Info for Students: your username is your Student ID (ex. 00123456), and your password is your birth date in this format: mmddyyyy (ex.06052001 for June 5, 2001).

    Teachers and staff can log in using their AD login.

    A few additional resources:

    The Media Center's Helpful Links

    Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints (password: schools)


Miss Nguyen

  • For the Honors Chemistry classes, students are being sent home with all the worksheets and notes for the next unit. This packet includes 5 sets of notes, 3 worksheets, and an extra credit opportunity with a table of contents identifying the order of these papers. They will also be sent home with a snapshot activity that reviews 15 skills they should have learned in the previous units. The students are being informed about what is in this packet during class and the expectation that they complete it.
    Students will have to complete a test on a Google Form, which will be sent out via email and Google Classroom.  
    I will be holding office hours on Google Classroom, where I will be on my computer for any questions the students may have. 

Ms. Powers

  • I will be accessible via email at and phone at 804-803-3281 from 8:00AM - 3:00PM Mondays through Fridays.

    • Honors Physics: Students received two assignments through Google Classroom. The first assignment is due 3/20 and involves reading and completing notes. The second assignment is due 3/27 and involves practice questions and a short research activity. Paper copies were provided in school on 3/13.
    • Economics & Personal Finance: I will be posting study materials for the WiSE Financial Literacy exam on Google Classroom, including Quizlets, vocabulary sheets, videos, and practice tests (via the Money Power website). Students are instructed to complete the 7 topic practice quizzes, scoring 70% or higher. I will provide paper copies of these quizzes if needed. 
    • Probability & Statistics: Students should review current material. I will be providing resources and practice through Google Classroom.
    • AP Computer Science Principles: Students will work on their Explore project for their AP Digital Portfolio. I will be uploading rubrics, samples, and planning pages on Google Classroom.

Ms. Rustad

  • I can be contacted via email (, Instagram message (@profekate), and Google Voice (phone number will be provided to students). I will plan on being available to students from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday, or as needed on a case by case basis. 
    Spanish 1: Work will be provided on Google Classroom as well as in packet form for those without internet access. Assignments will also be given via Duolingo - the class code, if students have not already joined, is ZBKJYD. Students should enter this code into the "club code" section of the Duolingo app or website.
    Spanish 2: Work will be provided on Google Classroom as well as in packet form for those without internet access. Assignments will also be given via Duolingo - the class code, if students have not already joined, is KGHSFP. Students should enter this code into the "club code" section of the Duolingo app or website.
    Spanish 3: Work will be provided on Google Classroom as well as in packet form for those without internet access. Assignments will also be given via Duolingo - the class code, if students have not already joined, is UVUJPQ. Students should enter this code into the "club code" section of the Duolingo app or website.
    Spanish 4: Las tareas estarán en Google Classroom con la opción de tenerlas en papel si es necesario. Algunos trabajos estarán en Duolingo. 
    AP Spanish: Las tareas estarán en AP Classroom o en el sitio web de TEMAS. Les voy a mandar mensajes en Google Classroom para clarificar.

Mrs. Schultz

  • Hello students and families! I can be reached via email at  

    I will continue to send out the "daily email" for each class, with links to online resources and electronic copies of activities for the day. Students can submit work by replying to those emails!  

    Biology students have been issued a textbook to use at home, and they received a packet with their activity handouts for the next two weeks.  

    Honors Environmental Science students do not have a textbook, but they do have a two-week packet, and the emails will include links to online resources.

    AP Environmental Science students have the textbook at home, and they will be getting their assignments and links via email.

    AP Seminar students will be getting their daily email, using their AP Portfolio accounts to access EBSCO to continue their research, and will be submitting their work through our Google form.

Mr. Simone

  • As always, I will be regularly communicating with students, parents, and guardians through both email ( and Google Classroom. Students may also reach me using Remind. For real-time communication, we will use Zoom. Shortly before each call, I'll send your period a link to join. If you'll be using a laptop or desktop computer, you can simply click on the link and follow the easy directions; if you'll be using a phone, please download the free Zoom app for iOS or Android.

    For assignments, we will use some or all of the websites with which students are already familiar, and to which they already have access: AP Classroom and AP Digital Portfolio (via AP Central);; IXL; Perusall; Newsela, Khan Academy, and Quizlet (via Clever). Finally, my website contains many resources, including pages for both AP Language & Composition and AP Seminar

Dr. Winbush

  • AP Calculus practice: and

    Here is an example of solutions to algebra problems that Mrs. Ilie has prepared for her students. If you're interested in having her work out some AP Calculus problems, please contact her at