Information for RPS Employees

  • This page last updated 6/10/20.

    Please review 12-month employee guidance (posted June 10, 2020).


    • For teachers whose licenses are set to expire this year, how can we get our paperwork submitted and signed by our principals if we aren’t able to leave because of isolation or illnesses? Will they be processed if mailed in? Please contact the Talent Office at 780-7859.
    • How will provisional teachers be affected by the recent decision to close? Specifically, do you have any insight regarding SMART Goal deadlines? For teachers with expiring provisional licenses, many of the Praxis or other classes have been cancelled. If you are able to take an online class, they will be accepted. Once all requirements are complete, please mail renewal packets to City Hall. After June 1st, extensions will be processed. For individuals needing a provisional license, please do what you can to complete your requirements now and once we reopen, you will need to finish. Coursework may be done online. Please mail any completed applications to us at City Hall. Richmond Public Schools, Attn: Deborah Dailey, Talent Office, 15th Floor, 301 N. 9th St., Richmond, VA 23219

    Online and Facility Access

    • Will teachers be allowed to go back to their classrooms to clean up any projects, gather paperwork, personal belongings, technology, etc.? Please follow up with the Principal directly, but we do ask that teachers not return to schools while stay at home orders are in place. 
    • Are we able to take home technology to aid in online lessons such as document cameras? Please discuss with school leadership regarding any materials that would be helpful if you are facilitating lessons at home. 
    • How do employees access online systems at home that are usually only available on an RPS network (i.e. payroll)?  Employees must have first set-up their device within the RPS network (back when we were in school) and then they can access from home using the Citrix Receiver app. If your device is not set up, you can email us at with your request and our Finance team will get back to you.


    • Who will be paid during the closure? ALL RPS employees will continue to be paid during the entirety of the closure. That includes full-time, part-time, and hourly employees.
    • Are long-term subs included? Yes! 
    • What about contracted personnel, like 1:1 aides? We are working to make sure these individuals get paid as well. It's just a little tricker since they're not RPS employees. I should have more information on this soon.
    • Will teachers still get "spread pay" this summer? Yes. Just as always, our 9.5 and 10-month employees will receive their “spread pay” during July & August, and our 11-month employees will receive theirs in July.


    • What should I do if I have a question about my benefits? Please call 804-780-7859. And if you have any other concerns, please reach out to me directly at I want to make sure you have all the information and support you need during this difficult time!
    • Will I have to pay for a COVID-19 test if I use my RPS health insurance? No. Cigna has clarified that COVID-19 related screening will be covered at no cost to customers. In addition, an associated office visit will be covered at 100%, and cost-sharing and co-payments for COVID-19-related treatment through May 31, 2020 will be waived.
    • Where can I get mental health support? Mental health support is provided through our Cigna Employee Assistance Program. To access it, call 877-622-4327 or visit “RPS” (without the quotes) is our Employer ID. UPDATE: Cigna has doubled the number of free sessions (to 10) any customer can use for concerns related to the coronavirus, at no additional cost. 
    • Where can I get mental help support for someone not covered by our plan? The Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) provides support to anyone in Richmond. Please call 804-819-4000 for assistance.  
    • What should I do if I know someone who is thinking about harming themselves? Please immediately call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or visit

    Other Matters

    • I am pregnant and due soon. How do I get in contact with benefits and proceed with my maternity leave?  Please call the Benefits Office at (804) 780-1880 or email
    • Will I get back the leave I was scheduled to take after we closed on March 13? Yes! In fact, we have already returned all of it.
    • Will we have a Transfer Fair on March 31 as scheduled? No. We are working on a virtual solution to help teachers and other staff pursue transfers for next year. As soon as we have the details worked out, I'll share them in my RPS Direct. 
    • What should I do if I need to renew my license? Though we are technically closed, you can still send in your licensure renewal paperwork to Deborah Dailey, our Licensure Specialist. Use this address: Talent Office – 15th Floor, Attention Deborah Dailey, 301 N. 9th Street, Richmond, VA 23219. You can also email Deborah at
    • How do we apply for summer school? The summer school jobs were posted on the website prior to closure. No decision for summer school has been made at this time.
    • Will teachers be notified by email if they have been selected to teach summer school? Teachers have not yet been contacted and will be notified as soon as summer school plans are finalized.
    • How will we proceed with summative evaluations if we do not return? Our Talent Office is working to finalize a proposal regarding closing out all evaluations.
    • I am retiring in June, how does this affect my retirement? Please contact our Talent Office at 780-7859.