Why these curricula?

  • RPS will select K-8 ELA (English language arts) & math curricula that will ignite rigorous and exciting teaching and learning as outlined in our Dreams4RPS Strategic Plan Priority 1.2 & 1.3.  Below are resources to learn more about the curricula chosen through the selection process.

K-8 ELA Curriculum: EL Education

  • EL Education through Open-Up Resources was chosen k-8 ELA curriculum for because the curriculum is based on these key ideas:

    Dimensions of Student Achievement:

    • Mastery of knowledge and skills. Students demonstrate  proficiency and deeper understanding, apply their learning, think critically, and communicate clearly.
    • Character. Students work to become effective learners, to become ethical people, and to contribute to a better world.
    • High-quality work. Students create complex work, demonstrate craftsmanship, and create authentic work.
    • Complex, Authentic Texts. Students spend the majority of time learning reading through reading and learning writing by analyzing the texts they read.

    Substantive content matters.

    EL Education uses science, social studies, or literature at the heart. Students build a deep understanding of that content while acquiring the key reading components of reading, writing, communication, grammar and research.

    Students excel in diverse and inclusive settings.

    EL Education’s K–8 Language Arts Curriculum recognizes that students learn from one another — and learn to respect one another — when they learn together in the same classroom. The curriculum (module lessons, ALL Block, and Skills Block) provides supports and resources for differentiation, scaffolding and tools where needed, ways students are engaged. 

    English language learners and language minority students need their assets honored and their needs supported. 

    The curriculum honors the fact that language learners need targeted instruction within each lesson and additional supports if they are to be successful.  

    Please check out these videos to learn more:

K-8 Math Curriculum: Eureka Math

  • Eureka Math, Va Edition by Great Minds was chosen k-8 math curriculum for because the curriculum is based on these key ideas:

    • Provides students access to an educative, rigorous, hands-on, and engaging math curriculum that provides opportunities for all students to learn challenging mathematics and experience high-quality instruction.
    • Follows a logical progression from Kindergarten to 8th grade. This helps to reduce the learning gaps that students may have as they progress from grade to grade.
    • Helps students to experience math and connect it to the real world in order to understand math conceptually, computationally, and in application.  
    • It is a comprehensive math program that helps students not only become literate but fluent in math concepts. Students learn not just what process to use when solving problems, but why that process works.  
    • The concept development consistently follows a concrete to representational to abstract progression. 
    • Helps build students' conceptual understanding of math. Enabling students to: Think flexibly about numbers, Understand why the steps work, Know when to apply these steps, Know how to use other strategies when more efficient.
    • Attends to all three components of a rigorous mathematics curriculum: conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application to real-world contexts.   The curriculum addresses these three components of rigor with equal intensity, recognizing that all are a vital part of a coherent, effective curriculum.  
    • Is built on research-based Universal Design for Learning principles, which provide a structure for meeting the needs of all learners.  

    Check out these Eureka Math Resources to learn more: