Students at Press Conference
  • As RPS and the City make equitable decisions about resource investment, policy, and programming affecting marginalized communities, it is critical to listen and bear witness to those who have been silenced due to systemic racism and oppression.

    To do so, Richmond Public Schools, the City of Richmond, and the Community Foundation are hosting a Virtual Civic Voice Town Hall series where our students, staff, and community members will lead discussion and share their voices and experiences about racial justice.

Town Hall and Meeting Schedule

  • Civic Voice Town Hall Picture

How to Participate

    • All Town Halls will be streamed to Facebook Live. Visit our Facebook page to join the conversation and share your voice!
    • The Town Halls will be streaming the content to Facebook Live from a Zoom call between 10-15 invited participants with RPS leaders listening. Participants in the Zoom call will not be able to read the comments in the Facebook Live chat but selected comments/questions may be shared with the participants.
    • We ask that participants use respectful language in the Facebook Live chat in order to foster continued discussion. Inappropriate comments may be hidden or deleted to respect our students and other participants.
    • We have provided a listening guide to record and share your responses to the questions discussed during the Town Hall. The guide is available as a Google Form or downloadable PDF using the links to the right. Responses will be included with the record of discussion to be shared with local leaders.
    • You may also email further comments to be compiled with the responses.