Professional Development

  • How will RPS be training teachers for the virtual semester?

    All RPS teachers have six days of virtual pre-service training as well as two planning days to prepare for the start of the year. Teachers who are new to RPS will also have a two-day New Teacher Orientation.

    Monday 8/24

    Tuesday 8/25

    Wednesday 8/26

    Thursday 8/27

    Friday 8/28

    New Teacher Orientation

    New Teacher Orientation


    Day 1


    Day 2

    Teacher Planning


    Monday 8/31

    Tuesday 9/1

    Wednesday 9/2

    Thursday 9/3

    Friday 9/4


    Day 3


    Day 4


    Day 5


    Day 6

    Teacher Planning

    During pre-service, RPS will provide a wide variety of virtual training sessions focused on the both the technical aspect of virtual instruction (e.g., how to use the software platforms) as well as the pedagogical aspects (e.g., how to build strong student relationships remotely). We will also have curriculum and role-specific sessions.

    Will teachers have some choice in the trainings they attend virtually during pre-service? 

    Yes. Based on our survey data, we know that teachers have widely varying needs when it comes to virtual instruction. In light of that, we encourage our educators to select the trainings that will best equip them given their current skill set.

    Will some of the trainings be required?

    Yes. Examples:

    • RPSStrong@Home Session: An overview of the RPS vision and expectations for virtual teaching
    • Curriculum Sessions: For K-8 ELA and math teachers or leaders who did not attend the sessions this summer
    • Role-Specific Sessions: For specific content areas, intervention programs, exceptional education supports, and English Learner supports

    Will instructional assistants and substitutes be included in the training that teachers receive?


    When will teachers receive more information regarding the virtual Pre-Service Week?

    On Wednesday, August 19, teachers will receive an email with all of the details about Pre-Service Week, including directions for how to sign up for specific sessions.

    What training will school leaders receive? 

    Throughout the summer, RPS principals have participated in weekly professional development. By the start of school, they will have received training on:

    • Leading through crisis and change;
    • Implementing the new ELA and math curricula (K-8);
    • Coaching and supporting teachers in a virtual environment;
    • Developing strong school culture in a virtual environment; and
    • Using new software tools to effectively manage their school operations remotely.