Community Hubs

  • What are Community Hubs?

    Starting this fall, we will be launching four “Community Hubs” around the city (1 for East End, 2 for Southside, and 1 for Northside/West End) to deepen our connection to and partnership with families and community partners.

    The hubs will be staffed by “Family Liaisons,” whose responsibilities will include communicating critical information to RPS families, connecting them with social services, intervening in cases of chronic absenteeism, making home visits, and providing other supports. Three “Regional Hub Coordinators” (East End, Southside, and Northside/West End) will oversee the day-to-day operations of the hubs.

    Where will the Community Hubs be located?

    • East End Hub
      • Location: The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club (3701 R St, Richmond, VA 23223)
      • Schools Served: Armstrong HS, Bellevue ES, Chimborazo ES, Fairfield Court ES, Franklin Military Academy, Marsh ES, MLK MS, Woodville ES
      • Neighborhoods Served: Brauers/Peter Paul/Woodville, Chimborazo/Oakwood/Church Hill/Union Hill, Creighton Court, Fairfield Court, Fulton/Fulton Hill/Montrose Heights, Mosby Court, Whitcomb Court/Eastview
      • Number of Family Liaisons: 7


    • Southside Hub 1 (East of Hull Street)
      • Location: Oak Grove Community Center (1800 Lynhaven Avenue)
      • Schools Served: Blackwell ES, Broad Rock ES, Boushall MS, Cardinal ES, Francis ES, Oak Grove-Bellemeade ES
      • Neighborhoods Served: Afton/Bellemeade/Oak Grove/Jefferson Terrace, Blackwell/Manchester, Castlewood/Davee Gardens/Cullenwood, Hillside Court, Lafayette Gardens/Rudd Trailer Park, Walmsley Terrace/Cherry Gardens/Hickory Hill
      • Number of Family Liaisons: 5


    • Southside Hub 2 (West of Hull Street)
      • Location: Southside Community Center (6255 Old Warwick Road)
      • Schools Served: Brown MS, Fisher ES, Huguenot HS, Miles Jones ES, Patrick Henry ES, Redd ES, Reid ES, River City MS, Southampton ES, Swansboro ES, Westover Hills ES
      • Neighborhoods Served: Beaufont/Hioaks/Worthington, Brookbury/Broad Rock/Swansboro, Farms/Chippenham Place, Forest Hill/Westover Hills/Westlake, Midlothian Village, Southwood
      • Number of Family Liaisons: 5


    • Northside/West End Hub
      • Location: Randolph Community Center (1415 Grayland Avenue)
      • Schools Served: Binford MS, Carver ES, Cary ES, Community HS, Fox ES, Ginter Park ES, Henderson MS, Hill MS, Holton ES, Jefferson HS, Marshall HS, Munford ES, Obama ES, Open HS, Overby-Sheppard ES, Richmond Alternative School/ASPIRE, Tech Center 
      • Neighborhoods Served: Battery Park/Edgewood/Ginter Park, Carver/Jackson Ward, Gilpin Court, Highland Park, Randolph/Maymont/Byrd Park, Southern Barton Heights/Brookland Park
      • Number of Family Liaisons: 6


    How will the Community Hubs support students and families during the virtual semester?

    The Family Liaisons will perform their duties virtually or in-person but physically distanced. For example, they will go on community walks, make no-contact home visits, call families of students who are not attending their virtual classes and connect them with any necessary supports, and push out critical information through flyer distributions and other means.