• How will RPS be using its federal CARES Act funding ($12.5 million) to support our reopening?

    • Cleaning (contracted services to deep clean all RPS buildings over the summer): $1.5M
    • Health and Safety Measures (temperature scanners for all buildings, cleaning equipment, hand sanitizer stations in classrooms, signage): $800K
    • Non-exempt Personnel Costs (to cover “straight-time” pay for meal distribution staff during spring closure): $1.5M
    • Other Supplies (e.g., replacing library books that were given to students this spring): $230K
    • Social-Emotional Learning Supports (expanded contracts with community partners to support ConnectRPS): $2.5M
    • Staff (six new nurses to ensure that all schools have a dedicated licensed nurse when we return in person): $800K
    • Technology (student Chromebooks, staff laptops, hotspots for staff and students, tablets and software for meal distribution, basic network infrastructure, software upgrades): $5.3M


    Will RPS be receiving any additional support from the federal government?

    A number of bills are currently circulating through Congress to provide additional relief to schools, ranging from about $100 billion in the latest Republican version to about $300 billion in the latest Democratic version. Once Congress takes action, we will have a better sense of how much new funding may be coming to RPS.

    Will additional funds be necessary for reopening? If so, where is the Administration proposing they come from?

    Yes. We will need approximately $2.5 million in addition funding for the items listed below. The Administration proposes transferring $2.5M from our contracted transportation budget line, as we will be physically closed for half the year.

    • Student and Teacher Virtual Teaching/Learning Kits: $1M
    • Instructional Software to Support Virtual Instruction: $1M
    • Adult Technology to Support Remote Work (phones/data plans, Wi-Fi hot spots, Go2MyPC licenses): $500K


    Does RPS have concerns at this point about State or City revenue?

    At this point, it appears that our State and City revenue are stable. We will know more about the State picture after the August special session concludes.