About #ReopenWithLove

  • Why have we called this plan #ReopenWithLove?

    Our motto at RPS is Teach with Love, Lead with Love, and Serve with Love. So we thought it would only be fitting to also Reopen with Love. By that, we mean we will do everything humanly possible to provide an outstanding academic and social-emotional experience for all 25,000 RPS students this fall.

    • Out of love, we will collectively work around the clock, think more creatively than ever before, stretch every last resource, and always keep our most vulnerable learners front and center.
    • Out of love, we will keep our expectations high – even during this virtual semester.
    • Out of love, we will invest even more time, energy, and money into our students’ social and emotional well-being.
    • And out of love, our top priority for students, families, and staff will always be health and safety.

    This is one of the most challenges periods RPS has ever faced. But if we continue to Teach with Love, Lead with Love, Serve with Love, and now Reopen with Love, we will not just survive, we will thrive.

    How did RPS gather feedback for this plan?

    We are incredibly grateful to the hundreds of students, teachers, principals, support staff, parents, caregivers, and community members who helped craft this plan. We are especially grateful for the feedback we received during our weekly Reopening Committee Meetings, weekly Principal Meetings, monthly Teacher Advisory Council Meetings, and nearly daily small-group teacher and instructional specialist meetings.

    Reopening Committee:

    • Andrea Jewett (Director of Education - Richmond Alterative School)
    • Andria Impson (Teacher – Boushall)
    • Angela Dews (Teacher – Armstrong)
    • Anith Stith (Teacher – Armstrong)
    • Charlotte Hayer (Teacher - Richmond Community)
    • Cierra Sowers (Teacher – Boushall)
    • Coretta (Cory) Adkins (Teacher – Reid)
    • Dearsley Vernon (Community Member - Communities in Schools)
    • Dianne Callender (Social Worker - Richmond Alternative School)
    • Elizabeth Jorgensen-Best (Teacher - Westover Hills)
    • Elizabeth Wait (Teacher – Armstrong)
    • Gustavo Angeles (Community Member - Sacred Heart Center)
    • James Pickren (Parent), James Wagner (Teacher - Richmond Community)
    • Jason Roberts (Teacher – Woodville)
    • Richardson (Teacher – Obama)
    • Kai Banks (Parent)
    • (Kathryn) Margi Roseberry (Teacher – Fisher)
    • Katina Harris (Teacher – Boushall)
    • Kelly Cannon (Parent)
    • Keri Treadway (Teacher – Fox)
    • Ketia Singleton (Teacher – Cary)
    • Kristi Remkus (Parent)
    • Laura White (Teacher – Westover Hills)
    • Leigh Young (Teacher – Mumford and Cary)
    • Luis Luna (Teacher – Huguenot)
    • Margo Buchanan (Community Member - SCAN)
    • Marybeth Ryan (Teacher – Woodville)
    • Meghan McPherson (Teacher – Boushall)
    • Monique Emde (Parent)
    • Natasha Thomas (Teacher – Southampton)
    • Nicole Glover (Teacher – Huguenot)
    • Phillip Moorhouse (Teacher – Armstrong)
    • Ralph Stuckey (Community Member - Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority)
    • Ramah Johnson (Counselor – TJHS)
    • Robin Majer (Teacher – Cary)
    • Rosemary Hardwich (Teacher – Mary Scott and Holton)
    • Sarah Kindig (Parent)
    • Tiana Addai-Mensah (Teacher – Miles Jones)
    • Tichi Eppes (Community Member)
    • Tiffany Floyd (Teacher – Blackwell, Carver and Fox)
    • Timmy Nguyen (Community Member)
    • Zelma Lee (Staff Member – Redd)