• Office of Preschool Reception and Diagnostic Services

    The Office of Preschool Reception and Diagnostic Services team is responsible for addressing referrals for children 2-5 years of age who may be: transitioning from early intervention to possible school-based services (2-3 years), from physicians, from community agencies such as RBHA and from parents. These referrals are often based on student performance concerns relayed to the team by parents, community members, and practitioners that work with the student.

    The Office of Preschool Reception and Diagnostic Services, located at Maymont Preschool, serves as the community hub for referrals and evaluations. The staff process referrals, hold child study and eligibility meetings, and conduct evaluations throughout the school year as well as during the summer. The diagnostic team consists of an administrator, ECSE teacher and speech therapist(s). Additional members of the team may also include: a school psychologist, a school social worker, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist. The team serves as a community liaison for parents seeking information on the child study/referral process.

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    Office of Preschool Services
    Maymont Preschool Center
    1211 S. Allen Avenue
    Richmond, Virginia 23220
    Phone: 804-780-8058
    Fax: 804-780-8411 or 804-780-6263
    Dr. Angela Bagley-Dickens
    Instructional Specialist ECSE
    Helena Edwards
    ECSE Teacher/Office Coordinator
    Cynthia Hartsfield
    Office Associate
    Email: chartsfi2@rvaschools.net