• RVA Men Teach

About RVA Men Teach

  • Mission

    • We want to improve students’ academic, social, and professional outcomes by recruiting, retaining, and professionally developing male educators of color.

    Dream4RPS Goals

    • ACTION 2.1 - TOP TALENT: Redesign the human resources department to ensure that: 1)RPS is able to fill every vacancy with a highly skilled professional; and 2) both our employees and our applicants receive outstanding customer service.
    • ACTION 2.2 - DIVERSE TEACHERS: Launch an effort explicitly focused on increasing and retaining the number of male teachers of color in RPS.
    • ACTION 2.5 - EQUITY AND INCLUSION: Provide ongoing training to help RPS staff identify and confront our implicit biases with respect to race, economic status, country of origin or citizenship status, LGBTQ identification, and other elements of personal identity. In doing so, affirm our commitment to ALL students and staff.

    A US Department Of Education study found a positive relationship between the presence of teachers of color and the achievement of all students. When teachers of color are present, there are several benefits for ethnic and minority students:

    • They are represented in fewer numbers in special education.
    • There is a decrease in absenteeism.
    • Parents and students are more involved in school activities.

    Black children who get a black teacher in the elementary grades are 39% less likely to drop out of high school and 19% more likely to go on to college. 

Program Components

  • Steering Committee – A committee of veteran Richmond Public Schools Male Educators of Color who provide mentorship and direction of the RVA MenTeach program. They meet once a month to provide direction and support to Male Educators of Color and decide on special recognitions for the program.

    Professional Development/Mentorship – RVA MenTeach will provide support for first- and second-year male teachers of color in the district to supplement the New Teacher Mentorship Program offered to all teachers. RVA MenTeach will provide culturally competent professional development for all teachers to strengthen student outcomes.

    Licensure and Certification Support – RVA MenTeach will work collaboratively with Talent Office and Offices of Curriculum and Support to establish a licensure support programs to help male teachers of color and all teachers of color in the district move from provisionally licensed to obtaining a professional teacher’s licensure by the state of Virginia. 

    Partnerships – RVA MenTeach will work to establish partnerships with local non-profits, the philanthropic community, colleges/universities, and national teacher recruitment organizations to support efforts to recruit and retain male educators of color in the district and build the teacher pipeline. 

    Recognition and Celebrations – RVA MenTeach will regularly celebrate the accomplishments of Male Educators of Color in Richmond Public Schools. RVA MenTeach will recognize students who exemplify the qualities of past Male Educators of Color in Richmond Public Schools