MAP Testing

  • This fall your child will take a MAP® Growth™ test remotely from NWEA® on their RPS chromebook or other non-RPS device. MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. Teachers use results to individualize classroom lessons and set personal learning goals for students. For this reason, it is critical that students complete the test independently so that teachers will have the best picture of their current needs.

    Note that RPS issued tablets will not support the assessment. Students will be able to use either their RPS issued chromebooks or other available personal laptop or computer. Students who do not have access to a supported device will test at a later date.

    Because your child will be taking the assessment remotely, we ask that you take the following steps:

    Before Testing

    1. Students can use any of the following devices for the assessment:
      • RPS issued chromebook
      • Personal laptops or other supported devices
    2. Navigate to on your child’s device to diagnose any technical issues that need to be resolved and use the Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide (Spanish version here) or Device Setup Guide to troubleshoot any issues and review student directions. Let your child's teacher know if the device did not pass the readiness check.
    3. Ensure that he/she/they has access to all testing accommodations outlined in their IEP and/or LIEP plan
    4. Work with your child to develop a plan to minimize distractions during testing
    5. Notify your child’s teacher for assistance with any of these steps 

    During Testing

    1. Help younger students login using the test session name and password provided by their teacher (Spanish version here).
    2. Please do not help the student answer unfamiliar questions (ALL students will get half of the questions wrong--and that’s OK--it is how the test “finds out” what a student knows/remembers.) This is NOT a high-stakes test--it is simply a tool to help teachers personalize instruction. If a student is stuck, just tell them to give it their best guess and move on.

    Even in these very challenging times, we are truly excited to focus on your child’s individual growth and achievement. We sincerely appreciate your partnership and believe that the information we gain through these assessments is worth the effort and will help us maximize student learning this year. For more information about MAP Growth, please review this brief video explaining the assessment, The Parent Toolkit and The Family Guide, available in Spanish here.

    The MAP start dates are as follows:

    • Middle School - September 28
    • High School - October 5
    • Elementary - October 12

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are students taking this during the MAP testing during the instructional day?

    Students typically take the assessment during their math and reading class. Specific times will vary. Although the test is untimed it typically takes between 30-60 mintutes for students to complete the test.

    2. If a student cannot take the test that day or if they are absent, what is the make-up plan?

    The testing window starts on Monday, September 28 and will remain open for two weeks. Principals will select their testing dates within the two week window, so some students may not start on the 28.

    3. What notification will I receive from my school?

    Principals will send out a parent letter with specific testing dates and plans for make-ups.

Introduction to MAP Testing