• Franklin Military Academy

    The mission of Franklin Military Academy (FMA), a premier secondary military institution, is designed to mold tomorrow’s leaders. FMA develops leadership skills, promotes scholarship, and encourages honorable citizenship through military structure by providing rigorous learning experiences. FMA students (cadets) are immersed in public service opportunities utilizing the collective efforts of faculty, students, parents, and community partners. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the skills necessary to be competitive at colleges and universities, as well as in the 21st-century workforce. 

    Franklin Military Academy offers students a strict regimented military style discipline program. The program provides for individualized instruction with an average teaching ratio of 15:1. All students are enrolled in Military Science for one class period, and the academic courses accounts for the remaining classes of a child’s schedule. The students may also enroll in the following elective courses: Spanish, French, Advanced Placement Statistics, Business and Information Technology, Art, Band, Guitar, and Chorus. Students are encouraged to participate in other educational and cultural experiences offered by Richmond Public Schools and the broader community.          

    There is a very small transfer or dropout rate at Franklin. Students feel that the educational experience offered is unique and enjoy school life. Positive feelings are manifested in their participation in drill teams, athletic events, school clubs and other school and community organizations. Franklin is a natural channel for students interested in pursuing a military career. 

    Who can apply to Franklin Military Academy?
    Current 5th and 8th grade students may apply.

    Where can I learn more?
    Visit the Franklin Military Academy website!

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