• Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Governor’s School Program

    2021 Visual and Performing Arts Summer Residential Governor’s School will be held June 27 – July 24, 2021, at Radford University. Programs include:

    • Dance 
    • Instrumental Music
    • Theatre
    • Visual Arts
    • Vocal Music

    The 2021 VPA program has a separate application, process, and timeline than the Academic and Mentorship Programs. Students interested in applying to the 2021 VPA program should refer to the information available ONLY on this page as it is different than the academic program information. The deadline to register for the VPA program is November 20, 2020. The registration is through the RPS Student Interest Survey. The 2020 VPA Video offers a window into last year's program.


    • Must be in 10th or 11th grade.
    • May not be a current applicant to another program in academics or world languages.
    • Must demonstrate above-average ability in an art form.
    • Must be willing to attend adjudication on one of the 2 designated dates.
    • Must possess the self-discipline and maturity to live away from home for an extended period of time. 

    Student Interest Form and Adjudication  

    • Any student wanting to apply for a VPA program must complete the interest form no later than November 20, 2020. 
    • Schools will be sent a list of all interested students in November. Each school has a limited number of adjudication spaces available and a panel of fine arts teachers will determine who may participate.  
    • A final list of RPS students will be sent to the state and be scheduled for adjudication on one of the 2 dates:
      • January 15-16 at Norfolk Governor's School for the Arts and Courtyard Marriott Downtown
    • Information about adjudication appointments will be sent beginning December 11, 2020.
    • In the case of inclement weather or illness on the day of adjudication, refer to the Radford University governor school webpage for directions.
    • Adjudication is currently scheduled to be held in-person. Adjudication appointment times and social distancing guidelines will be strictly followed.
    • Any changes for health and safety reasons will be communicated promptly.


    • The application is due to your school counselor no later January 31, 2021. No late applications are accepted. 
    • You must use your legal name on the application.
    • Page 1 of the application should be typed, then signed and dated by the student.
    • Page 2 also should be typed and should highlight the top 3 for each category. A second page can be included but beyond 2 pages is not necessary.
    • Page 3 needs to be signed by a parent and then initialed by the student and parent.
    • Page 4 should be completed by the teacher or private teacher who currently works with you in your discipline.
      • The rating scale along with the letter of recommendation (for pages 4 and 5) should be returned directly to the school contact.
      • The letter of recommendation should be signed in ink.
    • Page 5: The second recommendation does not have to be a fine arts teacher but it should be completed by a teacher who knows you and your work habits well.
      • Again, the rating scale along with the letter of recommendation (for pages 4 and 5) should be returned directly to your school contact.
      • The letter of recommendation should be signed in ink.

    What Happens Next?

    • A district nomination committee meets and ranks all applicants based on final scores. The final list of applicants (based on the state's quota for each division) is sent to the state to be considered for selection in the 2021 SRGS program.  
    • The state makes the final selections in March.
    • The state notifies students directly in mid-April of their status.

    VPA School Contacts
    School Counselors are your school SRGS/VPA contacts.  For further information please contact Lyn Pleveich, Coordinator, Programs for Giftd and Talented, lpleveic@rvaschools.net 804-664-7646. Timelines may vary for programs and are posted on this site and the VDOE website. Schools for Humanities, Math/Science/Technology, Medicine/Health, Agriculture, Engineering, and Marine Science have separate applications.

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