• SRGS Academic Programs

    The application process and timeline for Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s Schools is below: 

    • October/November 2020: Keep In Touch message to all 10th and 11th grade students.
    • October 2020 at your school: School level meeting to review how to apply for Governor’s School.
    • November 17, 2020: Complete the Student Interest Form 
    • January 22, 2021: All applications including your letters of recommendation, essays and supporting documents are due to the school level contact.
    • January 2021: Your school will conduct a screening meeting to determine who will advance from the school level to the county level. 
    • January 2021: You will receive an email from your school level governor’s school contact letting you know your status about whether you will advance to the district level. It is critical to understand that if you move to the districtlevel that does not automatically qualify you for the summer program. 
    • March 2021: Those candidates who advanced to the county level will receive an email from the Gifted & Talented Office if you did not advance to the state level. It is critical to understand that if you advance to the state level you are not guaranteed automatic qualification for the summer program. It is advisable for you to pursue alternative opportunities throughout the year.
    • April 2021: For those of you who moved to the state level, you will receive a letter from the state noting your status with the Governor’s school. From that point forward, all communication about the logistics of the experience will come from the state.

    *Schools may have established internal process deadlines that applicants are responsible for adhering to as well.

    Go to the Virginia Department of Education's page for Summer Governor's Schools. Scroll down to the Applications section. The following applications are available for the summer of 2021:

    • Medicine and Health Sciences
    • Mathematics, Science, and Technology
    • Marine Science
    • Humanities
    • Engineering
    • Agriculture

    Application Deadline
    The application form needs to be filled out, printed and delivered to the governor’s school contact at your school. All applications must include the scoring rubrics and letters of recommendation completed by two teachers. No late applications will be accepted. Academics and Mentorships due by February 3, 2020 to Summer Residential Governor's Schools (SRGS) school coordinators.  

    Academic and Mentorship Programs
    Complete the Academic Interest Form by November 24, 2020.