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Licensure FAQs

  • 1.) Who must I contact about my licensure questions/concerns?

  • 2.) What do I do if I’m a new teacher and need to know how to go about applying for my teaching license?

  • 3.) Where do I send my licensure request?

  • 4.) Where can I find detailed information on licensure?

  • 5.) What is a Provisional License and how can I obtain this type of license?

  • 6.) What is a Statement of Eligibility and how can I obtain one?

  • 7.) I have an out-of-state teaching/educator license. How do I apply for Virginia licensure?

  • 8.) How do I have my name and/or address changed? How do I obtain a duplicate license?

  • 9.) How do I add a degree (Master’s, Ed. Specialist, etc.) and change my license type?

  • 10.) How do I add an endorsement (teaching area) to my existing teaching license?

  • 11.) Where do I find information on Virginia Licensure Renewal?

  • 12.) How do I complete the Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED training requirement?

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Contact Information

  • Taryn Crawley                                                           

    Senior Licensure Specialist