Remind Frequently Asked Questions

  • Student and Family FAQ's

    What is Remind?
    Remind is a tool that allows 2-way messaging between teachers, schools, and families. It includes the ability to receive and send messages and phone calls on multiple devices.

    Do I need to take any action?
    Please pay attention to emails from Remind and notifications that you receive. If you are not receiving notifications, please contact your school to ensure your contact information is up to date in our records. You can also download the Remind app on your phone!

    The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Android Store.

    I was using Remind before, what has changed?
    RPS has upgraded from free or school-based plans to a division-wide plan. This provides additional tools to enable communication to and from all of your teachers, school, and the division.

    I'm not receiving any notifications, texts, or calls, what do I do?
    Please contact your school office and confirm your contact information is up to date in our records.

    I'm receiving notifications through multiple accounts, how do I merge them?
    You may have duplicate Remind accounts if you have used more than one email address or phone number with Remind, or if your contact information has changed since you first signed up for Remind. Learn how to merge them here.

    Is my contact information shared with RPS staff?
    No, all phone numbers of students and staff are “masked” by another phone number. Staff cannot see student or family phone numbers in Remind. When teachers initiate a call, the recipient will see another random phone number that has been assigned to that teacher. You can save this number in your contacts so you always know it is your teacher calling.

    Teachers can also enable settings to allow you to call them back at that number. Please check with your teacher to learn more about their communication preferences.

    Is my student also receiving notifications?
    All communication to students under 13 is automatically passed to parents. Students 13 and above may join Remind classes by class codes and opt-in to Remind notifications and messaging. If a teacher or other staff member already has an alternate phone number for a student or parent, they may also manually add that number into Remind as an additional contact number.

    What happens next?
    As teachers and other staff receive further training on Remind and the division integrates new features, you may notice an increase in messaging. This is normal and we always encourage you to review your notification preferences if you are receiving too many messages but we hope that Remind will be another tool to help teachers and schools stay in touch and build connections with our students and families. Please contact your Principal or the RPS Advocacy and Outreach Team at with any questions or feedback.

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  • Teacher FAQ's

    I have never used Remind before, is there a training I can see?
    Yes, you can view a quick Remind tutorial here. Many questions you may have can be answered in the Remind Help Center.

    I was using Remind prior to the district's purchase. What's going to happen to my account?
    If you used your district email to create your Remind account, it will be upgraded to a rostered account and you will have access to your classes from ASPEN. If you used your personal email, you will have to merge your account in Remind. Nothing will be erased from your account, and you will not lose your classes.

    How do I call my students and parents?
    Learn more about the Voice Call feature with our Teacher’s Guide to Voice Calls.

    Why should I use my rostered classes instead of the classes I created myself?
    Rostered classes are updated on a nightly basis. When students change classes or change their contact information in ASPEN, it is updated to Remind automatically. Rostered classes also automatically add a student’s parent contact information.

    When the district went live with Remind, I saw a dramatic increase in classes. What happened?
    You now have access to rostered classes. These classes are generated via ASPEN.

    I've been using Remind since September, I would rather finish the term with my manually created classes.
    You are welcome to archive this term’s classes and continue to use your old classes until the new term starts.

    Can I change the name of my rostered class?
    Absolutely. You can change the name of any class you own in Remind.

    I am an elementary school teacher, should I add parents to my classes if I want to communicate with them?
    No, parents are automatically linked when students are added to a class. Any communication to students under 13 is automatically passed to parents.

    How do I or my parents update contact information for Remind?
    The best way to update contact information is directly in ASPEN using the Primary Contact and Contact 1 fields.

    Can I add extra people like guardians to my rostered class?
    Yes, you can add them.

    How do I merge duplicate accounts?
    You may have duplicate Remind accounts if you have used more than one email address or phone number with Remind, or if your contact information has changed since you first signed up for Remind. Learn how to merge them here. You will NOT lose any information by merging accounts.

    Can teachers use a Google Voice number with Remind?
    No, Google Voice and Remind are similar masked-number systems that will not work together.

    Will Remind be an alternative or replacement for Class Dojo?
    No, the only system that Remind will replace is ParentLink (by June 30, 2021). You may continue to use other platforms that are currently working for you, your students, and your families.

    Why would I use Remind instead of email? Email also allows transfer of files and a record of what has been sent.
    Remind also allows for upload of certain files and maintains a record of communication. If email is a better communication method for you and your parents, there is no need to switch to Remind.

    How do we communicate with English Learner students and families?
    Remind has an auto-translation feature built in! Learn more about connecting with EL families with this resource document

    If you need to speak live to an EL student and/or family, please consider arrangaing a meeting using the Virtual Remote Interpretation (VRI) service.

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