RPS Transition Programs

  • Work Experience Program Richmond Public Schools

    Work Experience Program at a Glance Within this work experience program, students will work as a cohort of no more than 8 students, on skills that are needed for life after high school. They will work on components pertaining to time management, communication skills, building relationships, self-advocacy. Students will gain entry-level skills for employment while working through those competencies pertaining to career exploration, decision making, and preparation for employment. This will be done within a model that is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on work experiences. Students will participate in work experiences within the school or community work experiences. 

    Start of Success Program

    George Wythe High school

    Start on Success (SOS) is a school-to-work model for high school seniors with disabilities earning a regular diploma. The SOS model is a two-semester experience where students are enrolled in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) class the first semester and a paid internship in a community business during the second semester. 

    Virtual Job-Shadow

    Career exploration curriculum program


    Career exploration is enhanced by self-discovery, soft skills development, and the understanding and practice of job-readiness skills.

    The Virtual Job-Shadow mini lessons are a series of short, instructor-led lessons on critical topics for postsecondary education and career preparation. The lessons explore self-discovery and goal-setting, employability, soft skills, time management, team building, college & career research, and the process of landing the job! Each mini lesson is aligned to Common Core Standards and available in PDF format, with handouts conveniently attached to make teaching each lesson a snap!

    Virtual Job Shadow Junior:


    VJSJunior.com is an interactive career exploration platform that engages, inspires, and empowers K-5 students. It was created to capture and foster a child’s imagination and curiosity about the world of work. The platform features a variety of engaging career cluster lessons, which are the heart and soul of VJSJunior.com.

    Each lesson is built around cross-curricular content, introducing students to career clusters and careers while also reinforcing what students are learning in the classroom. Throughout the lessons, our entertaining cast of characters guides students on their career exploration adventures. 

    Students will join them as they meet different professionals across the globe, watch exciting job shadowing videos, and complete activities that reinforce the material they are learning in the classroom and on VJSJunior.com. As a reminder, each lesson includes entertaining video content as well as interactive games and activities, and they link back to the Next Gen Science Standards, ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors, national standards, and more! 

    The platform also offers a kid-friendly interest assessment and an array of administrative tools. These tools allow you to support students’ career development. Together, with you, VJSJunior.com prepares, inspires, and empowers students for the journey of their lives.

Start On Success Program