Important Information about the Richmond Virtual Academy

  • If your family has selected virtual learning for the 2021-2022 school year, we hope you will consider switching pathways and returning in person where our school division is able to provide the greatest level of support for students.  However, we know that some families desire a virtual learning experience, and so we want to share with you 5 key details about Richmond Virtual Academy enrollment to help you make the best decision for your student:

    1. Richmond Virtual Academy teachers will be RPS teachers; however, they may or may not be teachers from the zone school that your child would have attended.  The same is true for your child’s classmates.

    2. To the greatest extent possible, academic expectations (attendance, classwork, schedule etc.) for virtual learning will remain consistent with expectations for in person learning.  

    3. Students who are eligible for specialized academic programs and support (IEP, 504, Gifted & Talented, LIEP, reading and/or math intervention) will continue to receive services by RPS educators.  For elementary school students, this support will be provided during intervention blocks built into the schedule.  For middle and high school students, this support will be available during the student’s asynchronous learning time.  It is important to note that some middle and high students may require additional, required intervention courses taught by RPS educators which may be scheduled outside school hours.

    4. Families who choose virtual learning should be prepared to provide and support students with a learning environment that is conducive to student success (minimal distractions, picking up student meals if needed, assisting students with ensuring they attend scheduled virtual classes and have the required RPS provided technology and supplies available, etc.)

    5. Families who choose to Switch Pathways and enroll in person may do so at any time; however, once enrolled in person, students will not be able to switch back to virtual learning.

    If you would like to Switch Pathways and have your child return to in-person learning this fall, please complete the Switch Pathways Form (Formulario de Cambio de decisión) which will be processed by our Enrollment Team.  Families may also receive a call from a staff member of your child’s current school checking in with you to confirm your interest in virtual learning and to assist you with getting the Switch Pathways Form completed on your behalf if you would like your child to return in person in the fall.  For more information about the 2021-2022 school year, email, or call our Family Support Line at 804-780-6195.

    If your student is NOT currently enrolled in RPS, please visit our Enroll RPS website to enroll your student at

    Click here to view the slide deck from our Parent Information Sessions for an overview of Richmond Virtual Academy! Haga clic aquí para español.

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