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The Remind Plan at RPS

  • RPS is excited to launch the Remind Plan to provide 2-way communications with families and students! We have two goals as we get started using Remind:

    • Teachers are empowered to use Remind Voice calls and 2-way messaging.
    • School Leaders and other Division Administrators are gradually introduced to Remind, and transition from ParentLink for phone and text notifications by June 30, 2021.

    Remind allows teachers who choose to use text messaging to communicate with parents and students. With Remind:

    • Parents can choose how to receive messages – text, email or app. For students, texting is available for ages 13 and over.
    • It allows for safe and secure messaging that is available in multiple languages
    • It has a call feature, so teachers may use it to make calls without using their personal number.

    If you would like to opt out from using Remind, step by step instructions are available here.

    We're excited to make connecting with our families more engaging!

RPS Support

  • Click here to read all of our Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers and Families.

    Please contact your school office to update your contact information or request support from your school leadership team.

    The RPS Remind account is managed by the Department of Advocacy & Outreach in collaboration with Technology Services. The Department of Advocacy and Outreach will be holding ongoing Remind trainings and office hours to support schools with their outreach needs. As other questions, needs, or support issues arise, please contact the Department of Advocacy and Outreach (outreach@rvaschools.net).

Getting Started for Teachers

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