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Senior Information

  • Senior Class Updates

    2019 Thomas Jefferson High School Prom

    Saturday, May 18, 2019, 8:00 p.m.

    The John Marshal Ballroom


    2019 Thomas Jefferson High School Graduation,

    Monday, June 10, 2019. 5:00 pm.

    Altria Theater


    For more information about Prom, please see the “Senior Class Information and Policies” distributed to seniors and parents at the beginning of the year. Additionalcopies available from Mr. Sones.


    Senior Class Dues Payment schedule is as follows:

    $50 September 15th

    $50 October 15th

    $50 November 15th

    $50 February 15th

    $50 March 15th

    $25 April 15th


    Tentative Senior Events for Remainder of Year:


                Dues 4th payment $50

                Group Fundraiser

                Possible Class outing


                Dues 5th Payment $50

                Group Fundraiser


                Dues 6th Payment $25

                Group Fundraiser



                Awards Ceremony

                Class Photo

                Class Picnic


                Graduation Practice and luncheon

                Yearbook Distribution



    Class Sponsor: Mr. Sones, csones@rvaschools.net

    Senior Class Administrator: Mr. Andrews, mandrews@rvaschools.net

    Graduation Coordinator: Mrs. Alexander-Taylor, calexand@rvaschools.net

    Dues Coordinator: Mrs. Person, mperson@rvaschools.net




    Graduation Information

    GRADUATION (Monday, June 10, 2019  5:00pm Altria Theater)


    Young Women:

    If females desire to wear pants under their white robes, the pants must be white, and shoes must be white.
    Dresses and skirts should white and not be longer than the robe.
    Absolutely no flip-flops or tennis shoes.
    Hosiery, if worn, should be flesh tone without designs.
    No elaborate hairdos which might prevent caps from sitting squarely on your heads.

    Young Men:

    Red cap & gown
    Black/Dark Navy pants
    Black/Dark Navy shoes and socks
    White dress shirt – no wing-tip shirts
    Plain, dark tie, preferably black or dark navy blue.


    ONLY post and stud earrings, watches, class rings and engagement/wedding rings are to be worn with caps & gowns. Facial, neck, and body-pierced jewelry are not allowed.

    Cap Decoration Not Allowed

    Students are not permitted to decorate\deface their cap and\or gown in away way. Students arriving at graduation with decorated\defaced caps and\or gowns WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.



    Seniors should arrive at the Altria Theater by 4:30 p.m. on June 10th. Seniors are to access the building through the Main Street back door and proceed down the stairs to the ballroom. Only graduates will be allowed entry through this door; caps & gowns serve as ID. No caps & gowns; no entry. There will be no re-entry to the ballroom – students will recess through the front doors of Altria -- so please remind students to leave personal items in the car or with a family member.

    Security will search all grads while they’re in the ballroom to ensure that they have no cell phones or other items such as beach balls, etc. in their pockets. Any items confiscated will be labeled and placed in a bag, and students will be advised to retrieve the items from their schools the following day. Please be sure to inform seniors of this procedure.

    Balloons, or flowers attached to balloons, are prohibited in the facility during the graduation ceremony. Signage will be posted on all entrance doors.

    Tickets cannot be duplicated. Each person, age 2 & up, must have a ticket in order to be admitted into the facility. This information is printed on the back of the tickets.