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Distributing Flyers to Schools

Any material for school and/or district-wide distribution should first be approved by the Office of Engagement to ensure all materials are compliant with Richmond Public Schools' policies. Please review RPS School Board Policy 4-2.3 for further guidance and prohibitions.

All requests should include the following:

  • A copy of the material to be distributed with a visible disclaimer stating the following: 

"This program is not a part of, affiliated, and/or endorsed by Richmond Public Schools and/or its employees and staff. Please direct any questions about this program to the number or email listed."

  • If distributing hard copies division-wide, materials should be delivered to the Central Office 17th Floor for interoffice mail distribution. Flyers should be sorted by school and include a cover letter for review by principals.
  • If distributing to specific school(s), materials may be delivered directly to school office.


OOE will respond to all requests within 48 hours of receipt. If all initial requirements have been met, OOE will review the material(s) and advise of approval status.  If approved, OOE will notify the requestor in writing that the material has been approved for distribution.

To view enrollment statistics for our schools (to assist in preparing appropriate quantities), please visit the Virginia Department of Education's Fall Membership Report Tool.

All request(s) for flyer approval should be submitted to OOE by email to the Outreach team.