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Student Record Requests

Individuals Enrolled between 1900 - 2014
To request transcripts and school records from dates 1900-2015, send an e-mail request for assistance to 

The City Hall downtown Records Office manages legacy records for these attendance and graduation dates. To request school records and transcripts within these years, send an email to to request an application (with instructions). If you already have a completed form or consent/release from a college, employer, technical school, business, etc., please FAX that form to (804) 780-6869 or by email to Include a contact telephone number and e-mail contact.

Please noteThe Records Office is currently not accepting appointments, walk-in customer services / in person office visits.

Individuals Enrolled from 2015 to Present
To requests transcripts and school records for attendance and graduation dates 2016 to the current year, contact the last school of enrollment directly. 

Some schools may require requests be submitted via