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Dreams4RPS Strategic Plan

We are thrilled to present Dreams4RPS, the 2018-23 RPS Strategic Plan! After more than 170 community meetings and the participation of over 3,000 stakeholders, RPS has an ambitious, innovative, and inspiring plan for the future of RPS.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Without a world-class education, true freedom and liberty – the kind that allows you to pursue your dreams whatever they may be – will remain out of reach for far too many of our children. We cannot allow that to happen. Our very destiny as a city rests upon us ensuring that our schools become engines of opportunity for ALL of our children, regardless of background.

If we execute this plan, that’s exactly what RPS will become. It won’t be easy. We will need to confront decades of systemic injustice, institutionalized racism, underfunding, and mismanagement. And it will take time.

But we remain boundlessly optimistic about our collective ability to bring this plan to life in service of each and every one of our children. Guided by our three core values of equity, engagement, and excellence – combined with a commitment to transparent and inclusive leadership – we will collectively write a historic chapter in the RPS story. Together, as one “beloved community,” there is no limit to what we can achieve.


First page of the PDF file: Dreams4RPS-English


First page of the PDF file: Dreams4RPS-Spanish






Teacher in front of whiteboard

1. Exciting and Rigorous Teaching and Learning

When RPS provides our students with access to rigorous coursework and engages them with exciting teaching and learning, the sky's the limit. High-quality curricula, a passion for learning and engaging instruction are a few of the key components of our strategic plan that will be the foundation for teaching and learning at RPS.

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Delivery of books out of lit limo school bus

4. Deep Partnership with Families and Community

RPS will only be successful and improve learning outcomes for students through deep partnerships with families and the community. RPS has to acknowledge the many reasons why some families and educators can remain separate from each other, and put building meaningful and trusting relationships with our families and communities at the center. Our goal is to continue to be active members of the community to foster growth across the district.

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Teacher looking over students reading

2. Skilled and Supported Staff

Every child deserves to have a highly-qualified teacher from the start of the school year until the end of the year. Our goal is twofold: fill every teacher vacancy with a well compensated and talented teacher who leads their classrooms with love while holding students to high expectations and fully support every staff member during their tenure at RPS, from the hiring process through retirement.

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Front entrance of cardinal elementary

5. Modern Systems and Infrastructure

RPS aims to modernize our systems and infrastructure because it plays an essential role in solving access problems of students to the school system and improves student performance. With strong infrastructure, our students can focus on learning and not be held back by the systems in place.

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Jason Kamaras in photo frame with students

3. Safe and Loving School Cultures

In order to have safe and loving school cultures, every student needs to feel loved and affirmed for who they are. Our goal is to provide our students with the support they need to be successful. This isn’t limited to only instructional support but mental, physical, and emotional support as well.

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