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Dreams4RPS Priority 5

Modern Systems and Infrastructure

RPS aims to modernize our systems and infrastructure because it plays an essential role in solving access problems of students to the school system and improves student performance. With strong infrastructure, our students can focus on learning and not be held back by the systems in place.

Modern Systems

Action 5.1

Modernize and better integrate core technology systems (HR, budget, etc.) to provide a better level of customer service to our schools and families, and to allow for data-driven decision-making. 

RPS believes that in order to best serve our students and staff we must have modern and efficient systems. We have invested in improved ways to communicate with parents and students through "Remind," the new RPS texting and phone call platform that allows teachers and administrators to quickly communicate to parents and students in real time and in multiple languages. In fall of 2021, RPS is launching a modern website with a more intuitive and easy to navigate user experience so all of our stakeholders can quickly find important information. 



Advocacy and Equitable Funding

Action 5.3

Develop an advocacy campaign to create the political will for a comprehensive funding package for our facilities needs (new construction, renovation, and ongoing maintenance.)

Action 5.4

Implement an equity-based funding formula that ensures that schools that need the most actually receive the most. 

RPS advocates for policy change, resources, and investments needed to ensure the success of our students, staff, and schools. By sharing information on public education policies and funding allocation, we empower students, educators, parents, and community members to become an active part of the change necessary to improve public education for all.

The biggest legislative priority for RPS is creating the Equity Fund. This new fund would combine existing state funds for the At-Risk Add-On program with another pool of funds called Prevention, Intervention, and Remediation funds. The Virginia Board of Education proposed creating this fund and investing additional funding in the state budget. School divisions would be directed to spend the funds in schools with the greatest concentrations of poverty. This new fund would begin to modernize our education funding formulas by recognizing that each child and each school are not the same and that funding should equitably reflect their needs.

More information on how to become an advocate for Richmond Public Schools can be found through the Department of Advocacy and Outreach

New Construction

Action 5.8

Collaborate with the City of Richmond on the construction of three new schools by 2020 (Greene, Mason, and Elkhardt-Thompson) and secure the necessary funding for a fourth. 

In order for our students to succeed, RPS must provide safe, modern, and clean learning environments for all our students.

The opening of Henry Marsh Elementary, River City Middle, and Cardinal Elementary schools is a part of our $147 million investment in Richmond Public Schools facilities. Concurrently, we are working to improve existing buildings, including replacing roofs, modern HVAC and air purification systems, and solar panels.