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13 Acres

Program Description/Goals

13 Acres was created for elementary students as an alternative educational option for young people whose social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs are interfering with their ability to learn within a traditional classroom setting. Most students are working at or slightly below grade level. Students’ academic difficulties, in general, are directly related to their overall emotional regulation. Services are provided in a highly structured classroom and school environment. Students are taught to understand and effectively manage their emotional reactions to situations in order to respond in a manner that is respectful, responsible and safe. We believe that with consistent routines and expectations, direct instruction in needed skills, and with proper support and scaffolding, all students can and will contribute positively to the classroom community.


Our primary program goal is to provide students with intensive instruction in self-regulatory skills so that they can effectively engage in learning, and, ideally, to ultimately facilitate a successful transition back into their school of residence (home school). Each student will have an evaluation every 45 days when attending our therapeutic schools. District behavioral specialists and administration from the child’s home school will be invited to each evaluation meeting. This collaboration will provide ample opportunity for both schools to share ideas and thoughts that are in the best interest for the child. All placement decisions will be driven by data. Schools looking to place a child at 13 Acres must provide ample behavioral data to support placement at our therapeutic school. Also, 13 Acres must provide data showing that a child is ready to transition back to their school of residence. Sources of data may include but are not limited to: Observations of the child in general setting, discipline reports, grades, Administrative Dean and/or Principal recommendation, homeroom teacher data. 


Supports Provided:

  • Tailored academic instruction
  • Counseling Services
  • Behavior management and support using incentive system
  • Social skills development
  • Coping skills development
  • Instruction in executive function and self-regulatory skills
  • Visit to Carver ES two times/month 
  • Regular, structured opportunities to generalize skills in community settings
  • OT, PT and/or Speech therapy as needed



Contact Info

Dr. Mark Phillips,

Ms. Lakisha Morris, Administrative Dean