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Concussion Management

Symptoms may include one or more of the following:

  • Headache

  • Nausea/vomiting

  • Balance problems or dizziness

  • Double vision or changes in vision

  • Sensitivity to light or sound/noise.

  • Feeling of sluggishness or fogginess.

  • Difficulty with concentration, short-term memory, and/or confusion.

  • Irritability or agitation.

  • Depression or anxiety.

  • Sleep disturbance.

Signs observed by teammates, parents and coaches include:

  • Appears dazed, stunned, or disoriented.
  • Forgets plays or demonstrates short-term memory difficulties (e.g. is unsure of the game, score, or opponent)
  • Exhibits difficulties with balance or coordination.
  • Answers questions slowly or inaccurately.
  • Loses consciousness.
  • Demonstrates behavior or personality changes.
  • Is unable to recall events prior to or after the hit.

Concussion in Sports...What You Need To Know

Bon Secours Concussion Management

RPS Partners with Bon Secours to care for your Student Athletes. Each Comprehensive High School has a Certified Athletic Trainer on staff to serve the student athletes participating in Athletics. At the Middle School level a Certified Athletic Trainer rotates around to the 8 middle schools to provide coverage to the Middle School Athletic program.