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RPS Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge Program

July 15-18,  9a.m. - 3:30p.m. 

Location: Dogwood MS & River City MS


In RPS, we know that 9th grade success is one of the strongest indicators of high school achievement and on-time graduation. The RPS Summer Bridge program promotes a strong transition from middle school to high school and focuses on social-emotional skills, exposure to high school sports, clubs and activities, and making a successful transition to high school.  

Key Highlights

Eighth grade students identified for summer school participation will participate in their 8th grade summer school program at their school sites from June 10 - July 12, 2024. The last week of 8th grade summer school will be especially dedicated to the Summer Bridge Program, which will be held at each middle school summer school site from July 15 - July 18, and open to all rising 9th graders. 

The Summer Bridge Program will include exposure to high school coursework through a science focus, using the AVID Summer Bridge curriculum. 

Social-emotional learning will also be interwoven throughout the AVID curriculum, but will also be especially highlighted during the afternoon portion of the day, where students will learn about school rules and expectations, school resources available, and AVID strategies for success. Finally, students will be able to experience elective classes, clubs, after-school activities, and even the sports available at their new school. 


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