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College and Career Pathways

The College and Career Pathways team is comprised of passionate professionals in the areas of School Counseling, Gifted Education and College and Career Planning (Future Centers).  Each team member is committed to ensuring that all students in RPS have access to resources that support an enriched educational experience and a robust future plan.

The mission of the College and Career Pathways team is to engage schools in supporting all students and families in their pursuit of unlimited dreams for their future. Our vision is to ensure that all students have access to a world class education and experiences  that help them to develop a plan for the future, pursue that plan and reach the goals they set.


All students will be able to name personal, academic and future goals specific to their desired future path; recognize multiple pathways for a positive future, and understand the requirements of their future goals and the impact their actions have on their ability to attain those goals. 


All students are encouraged to take academic risks to develop a growth mindset and take ownership of their learning.



All students are supported by adults who collaborate with and advocate for them, helping to ensure access to an academically challenging learning environment that is inspiring and engaging. 


Contact Information

Candace Veney-Chaplin
Manager of College and Career Pathways

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
301 North Ninth Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 592-9603
Fax: (804) 648-6075