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Starting in middle school students receive assistance with Career Cruising from our Career Coaches.  Each RPS student receives a username and password to access the system even beyond high school. Visit the Career Cruising site to search for employment opportunities, colleges/universities, scholarships, create resumes and take career interest inventories.  This is an excellent way for students begin planning their academic and post secondary goals along with a state required Academic and Career Plan in 7th grade.

What is Career Cruising?

  • It is a career assessment
  • It is an information source
  • It is a tool that can help you find a school to match your major
When should students use Career Cruising?
  • When they don’t have a clue about their future career

  • When they wonder what training it takes to go into a career
  • When they need help picking a major
  • When they want to find a different career



When it comes to learning about the Military, knowing where to start your research may seem daunting. The first steps to considering service include understanding the Military's basic entrance requirements, exploring the different Service branches and deciding between enlisted and officer career paths.


The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is the most widely used multiple-aptitude test battery in the world. As an aptitude test, tge ASVAB measures your strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future success. The ASVAB also provides you with career information for various civilian and military occupations and is an indicator for success in future endeavors whether you choose to go to college, vocational schools, or a military career.