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Fine Arts

Richmond Public Schools offers a plethora of opportunities and experiences through the arts in the areas of Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Theatre.

RPS students will participate in music and art starting in elementary school and will have the opportunity to continue throughout their educational career.

We believe that all of our students are talented and we cherish the opportunity to explore, expand and enhance their talents through our offered genres.  Our areas of opportunities are: K-5 General Music, K-12 Visual Arts, 4-12 Orchestra, 4-12 Band, 4-8 Harp, 6-12 Guitar, 6-12 Chorus, 6-12 Theatre, 6-12 Dance.  

    Contact Information

    Christie-Jo C. Adams 
    Coordinator, K-12 Arts Education
    Phone: 804-780-6837

    Julz Suder
    K-12 Fine Arts Instructional Specialist